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NBA’s Finest, Bruce Levenson

Any type of change may seem strange and different at first, especially an unexpected one. However, it is always a good idea to open oneself to every new possibility that presents it’s self because as they say, the music never stops! What type of change has occurred you might be wondering…

If you have not yet read the news during the past few months, for starters in the NBA world philanthropist and co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Time’s Bruce Levenson, has sold his shares of the NBA team to Anthony Ressler for a whooping sum of 850 million dollars. The impressive sum reflects projections made of how well the NBA team have been doing during their previous season and how they are expected to do for the future upcoming ones as well. Anthony Ressler and his team who will share co-ownership are more than thrilled with the opportunity to own the team as they go through the final stages of getting the process approved through the banks. Along with Levenson, the other majority shareholder of the Atlanta Hawks, Michael Gearon Jr., and along with the rest of the remaining shareholders who have a claim to the team announced earlier this year that they will also be selling their rights to the team to Ressler presumably. The team can now say that there are in the process of being under completely new ownership in the next few weeks as the deal becomes finalized. Not only will Ressler and his team will have full control of the Atlanta Hawks, it is included in the deal made with Levenson that the Phillips Arena will be in their operating control.

With the sell of the Atlanta Hawks this year, Bruce Levenson will continue to keep busy with the multiple organizations that he has been apart of these past few years along with running United Communications Group (UCG) which he had co-founded back in 1977 with with Ed Peskowitz. Levenson is an active participant in the company as he continually pushes for new ideas and innovative ways to improve United Communications Group (UCG). United Communications Group (UCG) is responsible for various outlets such as other industries, healthcare, and technology to name a few areas.

Best of luck to Bruce Levenson and all the previous share holders as they move on towards different endeavors. Also go Atlanta Hawks as they continue to do well in their current season in the NBA.

You Too Can Learn from James Dondero

Have you ever sat back and wished that you had a way to learn from a premier hedge fund manager like Jim Dondero? A lot of people have ideas and insights about the market, but they don’t know how to take things to the next level. They are eager to learn and smart enough to do it – often with college degrees to prove it – but they just want some real world advice. If this sounds like you, you’ll be glad to know that you can learn from Jim Dondero, as so many people have over the years, and he can help you with insights and observations.

Dedicated to sharing these insights, he’s created a whole section on his blog where he just writes about the market in his spare time. Sometimes, he just gives thoughts about what happened, such as how much the market moved and how volatile it seemed – or how calm it was. Other times, he even ponders what these things could mean, discussing signals and other tells that let people who analyze the market know what’s coming. These are the types of things he’s considering all of the time, and he puts them other there for anyone to read.

Why does he does it? There are a few reasons. For one thing, he just writes about the market because it’s more than a job for him. It’s also a hobby. It’s something he’s interested in, something he loves. A lot of people write about their own hobbies for no personal gain at all, every single day. Whether that’s fantasy football moves that should be made, hiking trails that people should explore or new bands that are in town, everyone has something that they like, and they enjoy sharing it.

It’s also a good way for him to mull things over and think about them. Often, writing things down is very beneficial because it forces the brain to slow down. It makes you think about it. You may be trying to weigh two options in your head for hours – like which stocks you should buy and which to sell – and you may not figure it out. Then, in the act of writing it out, everything will click. You’ll know what you should do. Again, this is not just for investments, but that’s how he uses this process. It helps make him better at what he does, and he’s glad if it helps other people along the way.

Finally, it can be helpful for others who are interested in getting involved in his hedge fund. He handles billions of dollars for other investors. They’re not giving him that money lightly. They want to know what he’s done and they want to know how he did it. This shows them that he can do it again, which is when they will be interested in investing on their own. By writing down his thoughts and processes, he gives people who are on the fence exactly what they need.

Yeonmi Park Shows That You’re Never Too Young to Start Changing the World

Young adults have a lot of insults heaped upon them these days by those in the older generations, but some of them have demonstrated that they truly are committed to building a better future. One of those remarkable individuals is Yeonmi Park, a 21-year-old college student who suffered unfathomable horrors in her first 15 years of life. While it makes one shudder to think of what she had to go through, she has taken the brave step of deciding to share her experiences with the world. As more people come to realize the struggles that she and others like her have endured, the likelihood of being able to stop those atrocities from happening increases.

There are two distinct parts to Yeonmi’s tragic past. The first concerns her childhood up through the age of 13. During this time, she lived in North Korea, which is one of the most oppressive countries in the world. Indeed, it is dangerously self-contained; citizens are allowed little exposure to the outside world, and the rest of the world rarely catches a glimpse of what life is like for those who live there. This young woman can attest, however, that it is not pleasant.

The biggest problem in North Korea is a lack of freedom. People who live there are told what to wear, what to eat, what to watch… even what to think. When they fail to comply with any of the stringent rules, the consequences can be disproportionately severe. Simple infractions may carry long prison sentences, and Yeonmi even witnessed executions on that were meted out because of minor crimes. The citizens live in fear and are rigidly controlled, even as many of them long for a taste of true liberty.

She and her mother thought that they would find that freedom when they left North Korea and managed to get across the border into China. On the other side of their harrowing escape, however, they found another prison in the form of human trafficking. Both of them were treated horribly, and her mother was even raped. Ultimately, it was Yeonmi who saved her mother and got her father out of the labor camp where he was sent. She did this by agreeing to be a rich man’s mistress. When her father succumbed to cancer, she knew she must make another escape.

The final trial for Yeonmi and her mother was crossing the harsh climate of the Gobi Desert, which ultimately led them into the relative safety of Mongolia. From there, they went to South Korea, where she is currently a university student in Seoul. She is not afraid to speak out about what happened to her, and her passionate words draw huge crowds.

Yeonmi plans to continue as an ambassador of human rights and an advocate for the most vulnerable in society, especially back in her home country of North Korea. She hopes that her upcoming book will further inspire those in freer countries to lend a hand to those living under dire constraints.

Products That Enhance Beauty

If one looks beautiful, then she will feel beautiful. This is all that is needed for the satisfaction of many women. They have to be satisfied with their own appearance. They have to look good to themselves. They are not necessarily looking for the approval for others. As a matter of fact, the approval of some other people, especially certain males can actually bring down their sense of self worth. This can even make them regret using the beauty products that they used. This is actually very weird for some people. Either way, the biggest purpose for women looking beautiful is so that they can feel better about themselves.

There are plenty of products that can not only feel beautiful, but feel like a work of art. Lime Crime from Doe Deere has make up in the quality and variety that allows women to perfect the look that they are trying to achieve. This will give them something to feel proud of. This will also make them better able to take a compliment. A woman wants to be complimented on what she has achieved, not on what was given to her. Every once in a while, a woman can take a compliment on something that was given to her, but it gets old very quickly.

Not just any beauty product is going to bring about that desired look. Only Doe Deere’s products on is going to give the women the control that they want over their looks. They can also attract the crowd that they want to attract with higher quality beauty products. Among the many features about the products is that they don’t run. There is no need to reapply the make up over and over again. This also saves the customer money in the long run due to the fact that the more one applies the make up, the faster she runs out of make up.

Make up is very important for women to look and feel beautiful. It is not just important for women to apply make up for their individual purposes, but the make up must also be easily removed if the customer so wants. Fortunately, there are tons of stores that provide this type of make up for a very affordable price. One does not have to empty her wallet at an upscale store in order to be able to look as good as she wants.