You Too Can Learn from James Dondero

Have you ever sat back and wished that you had a way to learn from a premier hedge fund manager like Jim Dondero? A lot of people have ideas and insights about the market, but they don’t know how to take things to the next level. They are eager to learn and smart enough to do it – often with college degrees to prove it – but they just want some real world advice. If this sounds like you, you’ll be glad to know that you can learn from Jim Dondero, as so many people have over the years, and he can help you with insights and observations.

Dedicated to sharing these insights, he’s created a whole section on his blog where he just writes about the market in his spare time. Sometimes, he just gives thoughts about what happened, such as how much the market moved and how volatile it seemed – or how calm it was. Other times, he even ponders what these things could mean, discussing signals and other tells that let people who analyze the market know what’s coming. These are the types of things he’s considering all of the time, and he puts them other there for anyone to read.

Why does he does it? There are a few reasons. For one thing, he just writes about the market because it’s more than a job for him. It’s also a hobby. It’s something he’s interested in, something he loves. A lot of people write about their own hobbies for no personal gain at all, every single day. Whether that’s fantasy football moves that should be made, hiking trails that people should explore or new bands that are in town, everyone has something that they like, and they enjoy sharing it.

It’s also a good way for him to mull things over and think about them. Often, writing things down is very beneficial because it forces the brain to slow down. It makes you think about it. You may be trying to weigh two options in your head for hours – like which stocks you should buy and which to sell – and you may not figure it out. Then, in the act of writing it out, everything will click. You’ll know what you should do. Again, this is not just for investments, but that’s how he uses this process. It helps make him better at what he does, and he’s glad if it helps other people along the way.

Finally, it can be helpful for others who are interested in getting involved in his hedge fund. He handles billions of dollars for other investors. They’re not giving him that money lightly. They want to know what he’s done and they want to know how he did it. This shows them that he can do it again, which is when they will be interested in investing on their own. By writing down his thoughts and processes, he gives people who are on the fence exactly what they need.

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  1. Mckenna Dominique

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