NBA’s Finest, Bruce Levenson

Any type of change may seem strange and different at first, especially an unexpected one. However, it is always a good idea to open oneself to every new possibility that presents it’s self because as they say, the music never stops! What type of change has occurred you might be wondering…

If you have not yet read the news during the past few months, for starters in the NBA world philanthropist and co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Time’s Bruce Levenson, has sold his shares of the NBA team to Anthony Ressler for a whooping sum of 850 million dollars. The impressive sum reflects projections made of how well the NBA team have been doing during their previous season and how they are expected to do for the future upcoming ones as well. Anthony Ressler and his team who will share co-ownership are more than thrilled with the opportunity to own the team as they go through the final stages of getting the process approved through the banks. Along with Levenson, the other majority shareholder of the Atlanta Hawks, Michael Gearon Jr., and along with the rest of the remaining shareholders who have a claim to the team announced earlier this year that they will also be selling their rights to the team to Ressler presumably. The team can now say that there are in the process of being under completely new ownership in the next few weeks as the deal becomes finalized. Not only will Ressler and his team will have full control of the Atlanta Hawks, it is included in the deal made with Levenson that the Phillips Arena will be in their operating control.

With the sell of the Atlanta Hawks this year, Bruce Levenson will continue to keep busy with the multiple organizations that he has been apart of these past few years along with running United Communications Group (UCG) which he had co-founded back in 1977 with with Ed Peskowitz. Levenson is an active participant in the company as he continually pushes for new ideas and innovative ways to improve United Communications Group (UCG). United Communications Group (UCG) is responsible for various outlets such as other industries, healthcare, and technology to name a few areas.

Best of luck to Bruce Levenson and all the previous share holders as they move on towards different endeavors. Also go Atlanta Hawks as they continue to do well in their current season in the NBA.

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