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Susan McGalla: Battling The Suits Of Corporate America

Corporate America’s elite retail expert Susan McGalla launched P3 Executive Consulting, LLC in 2013. The Ohioan native studied marketing and business at the prestigious UMU (University of Mount Union). She holds her Bachelor’s from the said institution and consults for the advisory board. She’s had a long, successful career and remains extremely passionate about her profession. Corporate America and society admire her body of work, especially that of the fashion heavyweight AEO (American Eagle Outfitters). She spent fifteen years evolving managerial roles within the said franchise. Mrs. McGalla became CMO (Chief Merchandising Officer) of the franchise briefly before being appointed as president. In 2009, she resigned and embarked on other opportunities. She joined the Wet Seal, Inc. executive family in 2011 as CEO.

Mrs. McGalla established her own consulting practice after she exited Wet Seal. He consults for corporate business interests looking to capitalize on retail market opportunities. Additionally, fashion heavyweights look to her for professional advice on the best retail market strategies. As a fashion branding powerhouse, Mrs. McGalla attracts some of the industry’s best players. She’s quite the contrast of the female leadership stereotypes society and Corporate America expects in a woman. She’s a robust executive with an eclectic background in talent management, branding, operational efficiencies, marketing and more. Growing up with her dad, who coached football and two brothers, she wasn’t allowed to escape tough challenges. Her gender hasn’t hindered her abilities or access to opportunities. She’s brought the same attitude to leadership and embraced command even in male-dominated companies.

As a businesswoman of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania she’s actively supporting numerous community initiatives. Among her most notable appearances, she graced the Pittsburgh chapter of the WGF (Women’s and Girls Foundation). In addition, she was a distinguished speaker of the CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) lecture series aimed at CEOs. In today’s fashion industry, countless company executives struggle with branding and marketing. With her help, they’re capable of remarkable industry success. Wet Seal and American Eagle has benefited from her insightful ideas.

At Wet Seal, Mrs. McGalla spearheaded a major rebranding as CEO and countless other projects on bizjounals during her time there. She’s often admired for her creative work, business ethics and dedication. She’s a high-profile brand that every corporate office needs today. The renowned Arden B. franchise recorded impressive results under her leadership. Besides her commitment to her consulting firm, Mrs. McGalla accepted an executive role at The Steelers. It’s Pittsburgh’s top-ranked NFL franchise. She joined the group earlier this year as the company’s strategic planning director. She’s building the franchise and creating opportunities to capitalize on growth initiatives.

The idea of women leadership didn’t sit well with society some years ago, but modern female entrepreneurs like Mrs. Susan McGalla continue to turn heads. Furthermore, her success transcends that of the average corporate executive. The presence of women in the boardroom creates the most controversial business topics these days. However, Mrs. McGalla among other professionals continue to fuel inspiration and rise as influential corporate executives.

Tech Advancements Create Ripple Effect on New York City Real Estate

It is undeniable that advances in technology have impacted every economy throughout the world, and real estate in New York City is no exception. According to an article recently published in the Huffington Post, technology has impacted NYC real estate most noticeably in four distinct ways.

First, money in being funneled into the New York City tech market at an unprecedented rate. Therefore, more tech companies are popping up in the city and need space in which to house their businesses. Nineteen percent of leasing activity in the city from 2014 came from tech companies. Rents in neighborhoods housing a large number of tech companies are at an all-time high as a result of demand. Tech companies are also looking for unique and individual space. With the competition to recruit new talent being so fierce, companies look to create an attractive work environment. These companies are renting unique space and asking landlords to renovate space if it is does not meet their specific needs. Next, the tech industry has revitalized some of New York City’s older neighborhoods. Tech companies are bringing fresh ideas and young people who want to spend money to the neighborhoods in which they lease, resulting in an increase in new and trendy bars, restaurants and shops. Finally, the tech industry has resulted in an influx of bright, educated and talented young people to the city. This demographic wants to find the hot new neighborhoods, transforming these areas as they go about their daily lives.

TOWN Residential understands the ripple effect occurring with advances in technology and the growth of the tech industry. As a leader in NYC real estate, TOWN specializes in residential leasing and sales, and leasing, sales and marketing of development properties. The TOWN team works uses its collective industry knowledge to maximize benefits to its clients. Clients looking for unparalleled service and industry expertise should look no further than TOWN Residential.

NBA Team Owner Bruce Levenson

Basketball remains one of America’s favorite sports. People love to watch someone leap up and drop a basketball into a net or catch it gracefully as someone passes it to them. They also love the chance to play the game with others who share their passion for it. Playing in a basketball league or just having a game with others here and there can help people share their love of this sport and stay in shape at the same time. The game requires the use of many kinds of physical skills including balance, stamina, and co-ordination. Playing basketball also requires someone to be able to work with others to accomplish a common goal and use the court effectively.

In order to help make the game more enjoyable for all concerned the National Basketball Association was formed. This association helps make the game better for both players and fans in various kinds of important ways. Players know that they can count on the association to help codify the exact rules that govern the sport. They also know that the association is involved is involved in other areas of the sport such as helping to determine what games will be played each year and where they will be played.

The National Basketball Association also helps provide players and team owners with a means to resolve any dispute that may arise during the basketball season. This allows the players to have an outlet where they can express their concerns and have them addressed in a formal arena. Both team owners and fans can turn to the association in order to help them make sure they are doing all they need to do to please their fans and continue to create exciting and well played basketball seasons that will attract new fans to the game.

Someone who has done much to help please both fans and basketball fans is Bruce Levenson. Levenson is a well known Washington, D.C. area figure who has been involved in many kinds of business ventures including that of sports management. His work on UCG and in managing the Atlanta Hawks basketball team has been focused on helping fans connect with players and enjoy the game even more. Bruce Levenson has much in common with many other team owners who look to do all that they can to help bring fans into the game and allow them to enjoy it even more.

It is with the help of all involved that has helped fans continue to enjoy the game whether watching it in person or playing it on local area courts. Officials in the future expect to continue to help serve the needs of the fans and the players. They continue to explore new ways to reach out to fans in order to help them become physically fitter and be part of this very exciting world. Fans can continue to expect that the organization will listen to their concerns and look for ways to make the game even more exciting for them to watch.

Connect While Traveling

Connecting with people has never been easier than it is in this day and age. With social media, cell phones, texting and social apps dominating the way we keep connected with people who are away from us, its no surprise that many social media sites cater to people who live across the country or across the ocean from friends or loved ones. Online dating is another category that has popped from the consistent and daily use of social media and apps, it has created a whole separate niche of the way people meet and form relationships. However there is only one mobile app completely dedicated to using its network to help connect travelers with locals and other travelers in the same area.

Skout’s original intent was created for people who wanted to enhance their inner circle and meet other people via their app. After its launch of the travel feature Skout on skoutorganic has become the hub where travelers meet travel buddies, ask for direction from locals or just meet some local people from the place they are vacationing. Many young adults, around college age, have been using the app to virtually meet people in other countries and then plan vacations or trips to their desired location to spend time with their new buddies. Others have shared the world with people who cannot afford a trip on their own by taking their Skout friends on ‘virtual tours’, taking pictures and posting information about the place country they are traveling through.

Nearly ten million people have begun using the travel app regularly, some have even found romantic relationships with people abroad. Dating online has become such a regular and accepted way to meet people, and Skout has provided a wider spectrum of options for people who are constantly traveling for work, or for people who just have a case of wanderlust. Think of it as a modern day pen-pal, since you only connect with people on the Skout network it’s pretty much a guarantee people on the other end would enjoy chatting with you and forming a friendship.

Skout’s primary focus is for people who are constantly on the go, whether you’re a busy college student or someone who has a job that takes up the majority of the day, Skout focuses on people with constant movement. Their new app, Fuse, is similar to Snapchat where users can take pictures or videos, upload them, then they disappear within a set second limit. You can share fragments of your day with your friends daily and keep them informed on your busy life. The Fuse app is clean, simple to use and well modified for iOS and Android phones.

Even though you’re constantly moving, keeping in touch with people is vital, whether it’s friends, family or both. For the constant travelers out there, Skout is the perfect app for you to make friends, keep in contact with people and share your travels with your at home friends. Meet new people, explore and enjoy your life.

Best Mobile Deals by FreedomPop

FreedomPop on itunes, founded by Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar, is one of the best mobile phone and wireless Internet providers in the world. The company was initially based in Los Angeles, United States, but it later relocated to the United Kingdom in 2015.

Some of the services that the company provides include texts, voice and 4G wireless Internet. It also manufactures tablets and broadband devices. Since it had successfully been operating in the United States for three years, the service provider is confident that it will offer quality services in the United Kingdom as well.

FreedomPop has come up with one of the best deals in mobile phone industry. They promise to make their customers happy by giving them better charges when making calls and free data bundles. It has offered its customers 200 mobile bundles and 200 free texts.

The customers have also been promised to earn extra data that they can use to download pictures and videos, which they can share with their family and friends. FreedomPop also launched an App, where the customers can access services. This service is also available to the customers with FreedomPop SIM cards.

According to Daily Mail Online, this App enables the customers to check their data balance, their free minutes and also the number of texts remaining. 200 mobile bundles can be used to post up to 60 posts in the social media, and it can send 1,000 emails.

When customers are not able to use all the 200 mobile bundles, the remaining data is never wasted. It is rolled over to be used the next month. The customers also receive a notification on the data usage so that they are not overcharged. This deal is what FreedomPop terms as “free for life”.

Lime Crime Makeup: Trading Tradition for Fun

When one sees photos of models wearing Lime Crime makeup, the first impression reminds one of the carefree souls at play. The idea and goal of Lime Crime makeup are to evoke thoughts and feelings of playtime in the observer and the wearer. The photos are reminiscent of young children who have been playing with the adult makeup and clothes to create a fashion world full of fun and fantasy. The colors are not mainstream colors, but rather colors born deep inside the creative mind. They paint a picture on a human pallet that screams: I want to do it my way, different from everyone.
Lime Crime lipstick has names like Carousel Gloss, Velvetine, and Unicorn. The Velvetine lipsticks were the first to come along under the name of the original liquid-to-matte lipstick. The original lipstick even has fun fantasy names. A few examples are Witchberry Purple, Glow Stick Orange, and Electric Lavender. Lipstick is just the beginning.
The Grunge Palette colors include Venus, Shell, Aurora, Creation, Icon, Rebirth, Devine, and Muse. Of course the hair cannot be ignored, the Lime Crime collection has something called the Unicorn Hair Gallery. The hair colors are purple, pink, green, blue, mermaid, and lavender, once again to name a few and once again completely outside the mainstream. So, did all this creativity and fun fall from some heavenly rainbow that burst at the seams? Did brightly colored boxes full of glittery colors get kicked and spilled off a passing cloud by mischievous unicorns? Actually, no.
Lime Crime is the creation of one person, although some do call her the Unicorn Queen. This person obviously has an incredible imagination and perhaps a decent amount of business savvy. This person is Doe Deere. Doe originally hails from Russia. Her real name is Xenia Vorotova, and as she says it is very Russian sounding.
Xenia came up with the name Doe Deere because she wanted a fun name. She drew from childhood memories remembered her attraction to the look of, well, a doe-eyed deer and thought, that’s fun. When asked how she came up with the idea for Lime Crime her answer on facebook is simple. Doe could not find what she wanted in the world of traditional makeup. She yearned for something more playful, brighter, something reminiscent of the fairy tales she remembers from childhood. Since she could not find what her heart desired, Doe began researching the production of makeup.
Eventually, she gained enough knowledge to make what she wanted. From that point on she became a walking billboard on the streets of New York City. Doe’s makeup creation reached out and grabbed people’s attention. She began to connect with like-minded people on social media, and voila, Lime Crime was off and running, turning heads every step of the way.

Matt Landis’ Accomplishments For Notre Dame’s Defense

matt landis lacrosse
Matt Landis is a a lacrosse player that currently plays and has received many awards for playing on the Notre Dame men’s Fighting Irish. Notre Dame lacrosse is famous throughout the sport’s world, and it is also known for turning out great academic achievers. Matt is the epitome of a great athlete. He plays as a defenseman for a famous lacrosse team, and 2015 has been a banner year for Matt. The awards and accolades he has recently racked up include First Team All-American, the Epoch and Lacrosse Magazine Player of the Week, the NCAA defensive player of the year, and the Atlantic Coast Conference 2015 ACC Defensive Player of the Year. He was awarded all four of these in May of 2015.

matt landis lacrosse
Matt Landis is particularly noteworthy for his performance against the Albany Great Danes on May 16, 2015, but he also had an amazing year playing for Notre Dame. He wasn’t alone though, and due to Notre Dame excelling so much at lacrosse, Matt was able to be a part of seven other players from the Fighting Irish to be awarded All-American status. Matt was named first team All-American because his leadership of Notre Dame’s defense is well known. The team ranks number 12th in the country for caused turnovers, ranked 18th nationwide in scoring on defense and a rank of 9th nationally in overall defense which is greatly in part due to Matt’s defensive leadership. His leadership against the Albany star-player that all but neutralized the opposing teams offense is what led to the victory of the Fighting Irish and Matt being named the Epoch and Lacrosse Magazine Player of the Week.

matt landis lacrosse

Academics in lacrosse at Notre dame is amazing. Every single lacrosse player has gone on to graduate and many receive academic honors, and Matt appears to be no exception. Matt may be known for athletic accomplishments, but he is also an accomplished student. Right now, Matt is attending the Mendoza College of Business at Notre Dame, and he’s doing very well.

matt landis lacrosse
Matt embodies the school’s three pillars on which the lacrosse program is built on. The program focuses on character, community and culture, and Matt proves himself in all three both on the field and off of the field. It is important to the school to see their athletes become the students, players and people they aspire to be, and Matt Landis is on the right track.

A Lawyer Can Guide You


There are lots of reasons why debt collectors will challenge a debt. There are many reasons why they will challenge any debt that has been disposed of. How many of you fall into this categories below?

–You got the debt through fraud. Any time you obtain money through false pretenses and rack up some debt, this is considered fraud. You are basically cheating the government. The government doesn’t look to kindly on this one. There are two options here. You either did this with intent. You did it unintentionally. These are your only two options. In both cases, you need to hire a lawyer in Brazil. Brazil is one of the toughest countries on this. If the debt has been disposed of, this will make it worse. Hire a lawyer for this. The intentions might have been negative; but, you can turn that negative into a positive by hiring a lawyer.

–You spent the money. This category has two challenges. Either, you took some cash advances out, before the filing happened. This has to be equal to seventy days. The advances have to be equal to nine-hundred and twenty-five dollars or more.

You could have also spent close to or beyond six-hundred and fifty dollars in a short time span. Both of these will not look well for you. If you want your case to come out okay, you have to hire a lawyer now.


Unless you want things to turn out good for you, you might respond to the complaint. Federal law dictates this. You have to give your side of the story. Sometimes the other side gets it wrong. Sometimes the other side makes false claims, only to make it good for them. It’s in your best interest to respond. It’s in your best interest to tell your side. It’s in your best interest to show proof; otherwise, your side is just another story. It’s also in your best interest to hire a lawyer. A lawyer can guide you in which direction to go; especially, if you are being falsely accused of any of these crimes. You also need to have proof.


Ricardo has been studying law for years. He is the former president of the Brazilian Bar Association. He is also a member of the International Bar Association. Ricardo has specialized in many areas of law over the years. His biggest credit though concerns the debt area. He has helped hundreds of clients get out of debt. He has also helped hundreds of clients challenge the validity of their debt. Do you fall into this category?

If you do, give him a call today. He is also a legal and political writer. He has given thousands of lectures over the course of his career. Do not miss a chance to connect with him. He is your best chance at getting your debt cleaned and cleared. Go on his site today. Send his office and email. Give his office a call. His time is valuable and so his yours. Do not waste your precious time. Ricardo is here to help.

Stephen Murray; the Business Hero

In 2006, Stephen Murray joined other partners to establish the CCMP firm. CCMP spun from JPMorgan Chase & Co. to reduce the arising conflicts with the clients from the bank. The company targeted the middle-market. The growth equity investments helped the company to raise its fund last year with almost $ 3.6 billion. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital ensured all partners participate fully in ensuring the company runs smoothly according to the business plan that was guiding its operations. His leadership and managerial skills have moved CCMP to a higher lever that the other partners can testify. News has been going around that Murray has died.

He left the buyout company at 52 years due to health reasons. News from trusted sources has confirmed about his death, but there are no further details about his death and burial. His partners were saddened about it, as they knew him as a terrific dealmaker and investor. He passed his leadership traits to his teammates soothing they will live to remember about him. Everyone from the team had something positive to say about his career life and his charismatic abilities.

The website of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital company states that it usually invests between $ 100 million to around $ 500 million of cash per transaction. They have established a stable and reliable market that they serve. CCMP focuses on firms in the healthcare, consumer, industrial, and energy sectors. It has also invested in the various portfolio as a way to increase its profits. The team members have diversified the risks by investing in different risks and carrying out research on the portfolio before pooling funds in it.

Stephen was from New York. He schooled in Boston College for his degree and got the Masters from Columbia University in the same city. Murray joined JPMorgan in 1984 as a trainee in the credit unit. His hardworking and determination earned him the points to become the vice president of the middle-market lending. He joined a leveraged finance and private equity department of the Manufacturers Hanover that was before CCMP. After the various merging, the Manufacturers Hanover is now part of JPMorgan.

In 2005, Murray became the President of the buyout business. The company has faced several challenges and forces from competitors and partners. Stephen used his skills to ensure that the firm operates towards achieving its objectives and goals. Separation of the firms has made it easy as the company can now target its clients and make its policies. He served major companies where he left his legacy.

Handy Home Cleaning Service Continues To Grow

The demand for online mobile services has risen tremendously in the last few years. Compalike Uber and Angie’s List are capitalizing on a new market niche. Handy Home Cleaning Services on, a home cleaning and repair service booking site has carved out a large share of this market as well.

On June 16th, Handy celebrated its three year anniversary. Company founders Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua are happy with the growth and popularity of their business. Presently, Handy generates at least 1 million dollars in bookings every week. This is a huge increase since their inception. They have come a long way. Now, Handy is in 25 cities in the United States, two cities in Canada, and has now started offering their services in London.

Dua attributes the rising business to the increased comfortability consumers now have to booking services online. It is quickly becoming the norm. Handy conducts thorough background checks on all their service professionals. These are done on both the national and county levels. Customer feedback adds an extra layer of contractor reputation. Safeguards like these make sure that the hired professionals are trustworthy and reliable. This rigid verification process was implemented by Handy for the benefit of anyone who uses the site. It has worked out extremely well and has helped to bring an even more customers looking for services from quality workers. Many professionals choose to work through Handy because of the freedom the site offers. They can pick the jobs they want to do. They are their own bosses. According to Hanrahan, the median hourly rate is between 15 and 20 dollars an hour, much more than what the average cleaning company pays its employees. Multiple jobs can be lined up in close proximity to each other, enhancing time management and minimizing travel time. Benefits like these are a primary reason Handy will continue to become even more popular over time.

Customer convenience is a top priority at Handy. A new mobile app has recently been released. Hanrahan hopes that this will open up Handy to offering even more services in the near future. Currently, 85 percent of Handy’s revenue comes from various cleaning services. Plumbing and handyman services combine for the remaining 15 percent. Thanks to a new marketing campaign and higher quality service, 80 percent of Handy’s bookings are from repeat customers. They are creating a new brand. Spending all of last year to focus on improving their service rather than expansion, is a huge reason for the repeat customers.

Handy has processed over 200,000 applicants for cleaning and handyman services, and over 5,000 professionals who work consistently every month. For three years, they have brought customers and workers together. By giving both sides great service and quality support, Handy is guaranteed to continue to bring in more revenue every year.