Clean Homes For The Holidays

The holidays are coming. Already, retailers are stocking shelves with Thanksgiving table decorations and putting out the Christmas lights. You know what that means. It’s time for all of those family dinners. Time to invite friends over for great food, gifts and parties. And, it’s time to clean your house. Not just a dust-over-the-surface cleaning. No. This time of year calls for a major cleaning. After all, everyone has nosy relatives that open cabinet and closet doors.

The task is so overwhelming that it almost seems like it would be better to skip the holidays than go through all of the dusting, mopping, shining and polishing. After all, you will be too tired to host a party after all of that, right? Wrong!

This year, call in a professional cleaning service to do your dirty work. Professionals can iron your sheets, clean those draperies, and have your home sparkling in time for company. All you will have to do is smile when your guests arrive.

But, how do you find a quality cleaning service? Who can you trust? What if they break something, or steal something? And what do they expect you to pay? This is where a service like Handy Home Cleaning Services can certainly help you out.

Handy Home Cleaning Services is a company full of cleaning professionals who have been background checked. They are bonded, insured, and come highly recommended. The best part? You can use an app to find the right person, and you can pay them using that app. No questions on whether the rate you are quoted is the rate you will get. No wondering if the person is trustworthy. And since Handy Home Cleaning Services does an extensive check of their references, you can be assured of getting a great professional to clean your home.

On the other hand, cleaners get a great deal from the company too. Freelancers get to choose when and where they will work. They know up front what kind of money they will make. And they know that they will get paid for the job. These are huge benefits to freelance cleaners. They also get a 1099 form. No more worrying about keeping up with income for the IRS. No more hassle about proving their income.

Handy Home Cleaning Services takes care of both sides of the business. Freelancers complete over 10,000 jobs a month for this successful business. College friends Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan created this business. Today the successful business is part cleaning, part plumbing and part handyman services. Cleaning makes up the majority of the business, but with the door open for cleaning, the owners hope that the brand will further develop. People who use and trust the cleaners, will also remember the company when a pipe breaks, or a door keeps sticking. They will call for plumbers and handymen, expecting the same qualified professionals that they get when they call for cleaning services. And Handybook will deliver workmanship to the client’s expectations.

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