Lime Crime Makeup: Trading Tradition for Fun

When one sees photos of models wearing Lime Crime makeup, the first impression reminds one of the carefree souls at play. The idea and goal of Lime Crime makeup are to evoke thoughts and feelings of playtime in the observer and the wearer. The photos are reminiscent of young children who have been playing with the adult makeup and clothes to create a fashion world full of fun and fantasy. The colors are not mainstream colors, but rather colors born deep inside the creative mind. They paint a picture on a human pallet that screams: I want to do it my way, different from everyone.
Lime Crime lipstick has names like Carousel Gloss, Velvetine, and Unicorn. The Velvetine lipsticks were the first to come along under the name of the original liquid-to-matte lipstick. The original lipstick even has fun fantasy names. A few examples are Witchberry Purple, Glow Stick Orange, and Electric Lavender. Lipstick is just the beginning.
The Grunge Palette colors include Venus, Shell, Aurora, Creation, Icon, Rebirth, Devine, and Muse. Of course the hair cannot be ignored, the Lime Crime collection has something called the Unicorn Hair Gallery. The hair colors are purple, pink, green, blue, mermaid, and lavender, once again to name a few and once again completely outside the mainstream. So, did all this creativity and fun fall from some heavenly rainbow that burst at the seams? Did brightly colored boxes full of glittery colors get kicked and spilled off a passing cloud by mischievous unicorns? Actually, no.
Lime Crime is the creation of one person, although some do call her the Unicorn Queen. This person obviously has an incredible imagination and perhaps a decent amount of business savvy. This person is Doe Deere. Doe originally hails from Russia. Her real name is Xenia Vorotova, and as she says it is very Russian sounding.
Xenia came up with the name Doe Deere because she wanted a fun name. She drew from childhood memories remembered her attraction to the look of, well, a doe-eyed deer and thought, that’s fun. When asked how she came up with the idea for Lime Crime her answer on facebook is simple. Doe could not find what she wanted in the world of traditional makeup. She yearned for something more playful, brighter, something reminiscent of the fairy tales she remembers from childhood. Since she could not find what her heart desired, Doe began researching the production of makeup.
Eventually, she gained enough knowledge to make what she wanted. From that point on she became a walking billboard on the streets of New York City. Doe’s makeup creation reached out and grabbed people’s attention. She began to connect with like-minded people on social media, and voila, Lime Crime was off and running, turning heads every step of the way.

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  1. Kinley Dominick

    Most at times, imaginative thinking plays a big role in how successful a business idea might turn out to be and that’s exactly the technique Doe has applied here. with the help of australian assignment writing more information can be gotten on how Doe came to be this successful in the cosmetic/ makeup industry. with the amount of effort put into researching production, linking tradition to makeup why wouldn’t she be a success.

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