Best Mobile Deals by FreedomPop

FreedomPop on itunes, founded by Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar, is one of the best mobile phone and wireless Internet providers in the world. The company was initially based in Los Angeles, United States, but it later relocated to the United Kingdom in 2015.

Some of the services that the company provides include texts, voice and 4G wireless Internet. It also manufactures tablets and broadband devices. Since it had successfully been operating in the United States for three years, the service provider is confident that it will offer quality services in the United Kingdom as well.

FreedomPop has come up with one of the best deals in mobile phone industry. They promise to make their customers happy by giving them better charges when making calls and free data bundles. It has offered its customers 200 mobile bundles and 200 free texts.

The customers have also been promised to earn extra data that they can use to download pictures and videos, which they can share with their family and friends. FreedomPop also launched an App, where the customers can access services. This service is also available to the customers with FreedomPop SIM cards.

According to Daily Mail Online, this App enables the customers to check their data balance, their free minutes and also the number of texts remaining. 200 mobile bundles can be used to post up to 60 posts in the social media, and it can send 1,000 emails.

When customers are not able to use all the 200 mobile bundles, the remaining data is never wasted. It is rolled over to be used the next month. The customers also receive a notification on the data usage so that they are not overcharged. This deal is what FreedomPop terms as “free for life”.

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