Connect While Traveling

Connecting with people has never been easier than it is in this day and age. With social media, cell phones, texting and social apps dominating the way we keep connected with people who are away from us, its no surprise that many social media sites cater to people who live across the country or across the ocean from friends or loved ones. Online dating is another category that has popped from the consistent and daily use of social media and apps, it has created a whole separate niche of the way people meet and form relationships. However there is only one mobile app completely dedicated to using its network to help connect travelers with locals and other travelers in the same area.

Skout’s original intent was created for people who wanted to enhance their inner circle and meet other people via their app. After its launch of the travel feature Skout on skoutorganic has become the hub where travelers meet travel buddies, ask for direction from locals or just meet some local people from the place they are vacationing. Many young adults, around college age, have been using the app to virtually meet people in other countries and then plan vacations or trips to their desired location to spend time with their new buddies. Others have shared the world with people who cannot afford a trip on their own by taking their Skout friends on ‘virtual tours’, taking pictures and posting information about the place country they are traveling through.

Nearly ten million people have begun using the travel app regularly, some have even found romantic relationships with people abroad. Dating online has become such a regular and accepted way to meet people, and Skout has provided a wider spectrum of options for people who are constantly traveling for work, or for people who just have a case of wanderlust. Think of it as a modern day pen-pal, since you only connect with people on the Skout network it’s pretty much a guarantee people on the other end would enjoy chatting with you and forming a friendship.

Skout’s primary focus is for people who are constantly on the go, whether you’re a busy college student or someone who has a job that takes up the majority of the day, Skout focuses on people with constant movement. Their new app, Fuse, is similar to Snapchat where users can take pictures or videos, upload them, then they disappear within a set second limit. You can share fragments of your day with your friends daily and keep them informed on your busy life. The Fuse app is clean, simple to use and well modified for iOS and Android phones.

Even though you’re constantly moving, keeping in touch with people is vital, whether it’s friends, family or both. For the constant travelers out there, Skout is the perfect app for you to make friends, keep in contact with people and share your travels with your at home friends. Meet new people, explore and enjoy your life.

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