Susan McGalla: Battling The Suits Of Corporate America

Corporate America‚Äôs elite retail expert Susan McGalla launched P3 Executive Consulting, LLC in 2013. The Ohioan native studied marketing and business at the prestigious UMU (University of Mount Union). She holds her Bachelor’s from the said institution and consults for the advisory board. She’s had a long, successful career and remains extremely passionate about her profession. Corporate America and society admire her body of work, especially that of the fashion heavyweight AEO (American Eagle Outfitters). She spent fifteen years evolving managerial roles within the said franchise. Mrs. McGalla became CMO (Chief Merchandising Officer) of the franchise briefly before being appointed as president. In 2009, she resigned and embarked on other opportunities. She joined the Wet Seal, Inc. executive family in 2011 as CEO.

Mrs. McGalla established her own consulting practice after she exited Wet Seal. He consults for corporate business interests looking to capitalize on retail market opportunities. Additionally, fashion heavyweights look to her for professional advice on the best retail market strategies. As a fashion branding powerhouse, Mrs. McGalla attracts some of the industry’s best players. She’s quite the contrast of the female leadership stereotypes society and Corporate America expects in a woman. She’s a robust executive with an eclectic background in talent management, branding, operational efficiencies, marketing and more. Growing up with her dad, who coached football and two brothers, she wasn’t allowed to escape tough challenges. Her gender hasn’t hindered her abilities or access to opportunities. She’s brought the same attitude to leadership and embraced command even in male-dominated companies.

As a businesswoman of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania she’s actively supporting numerous community initiatives. Among her most notable appearances, she graced the Pittsburgh chapter of the WGF (Women’s and Girls Foundation). In addition, she was a distinguished speaker of the CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) lecture series aimed at CEOs. In today’s fashion industry, countless company executives struggle with branding and marketing. With her help, they’re capable of remarkable industry success. Wet Seal and American Eagle has benefited from her insightful ideas.

At Wet Seal, Mrs. McGalla spearheaded a major rebranding as CEO and countless other projects on bizjounals during her time there. She’s often admired for her creative work, business ethics and dedication. She’s a high-profile brand that every corporate office needs today. The renowned Arden B. franchise recorded impressive results under her leadership. Besides her commitment to her consulting firm, Mrs. McGalla accepted an executive role at The Steelers. It’s Pittsburgh’s top-ranked NFL franchise. She joined the group earlier this year as the company’s strategic planning director. She’s building the franchise and creating opportunities to capitalize on growth initiatives.

The idea of women leadership didn’t sit well with society some years ago, but modern female entrepreneurs like Mrs. Susan McGalla continue to turn heads. Furthermore, her success transcends that of the average corporate executive. The presence of women in the boardroom creates the most controversial business topics these days. However, Mrs. McGalla among other professionals continue to fuel inspiration and rise as influential corporate executives.

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    The market awareness is coming as a wake up call for many people that they can start up with innovative solutions possible. Everyone likes for their contributions and this is really impressive if you think of it as a unit. When you think about the things that Susan has contributed to in the long run, you will understand why she is given such accolades.

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