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The Value of Hiring Local Divorce Attorney Ross Abelow

Matters concerning family law can be extremely difficult to handle without professional help. Making the decision to start divorce proceeding is painful for everyone involved, especially children. The local family law attorney can utilize their vast experience to help you to deal with the emotional issues that will affect you many years from now.

Here are a few reasons you need to secure the services of divorce lawyer Ross Abelow sooner than later.

The Separation of Belongings
One of the biggest issues you will face during the divorce is trying to separate emotions from decisions. While you might feel hurt, pain, and anger towards a spouse, you can not let heated confrontations affect the eventual outcome of the case because it could impact you for many years to come. Local divorce attorney Ross Abelow understands that things will get heated and highly emotional, he uses his years experience to keep parties separated until it is absolutely necessary to be in court together. He will break down the property in a way that everyone wins, and so that ill feelings do not exist as to make a troubling situation even worse.

Ross Abelow is your best bet for trying to negotiate a more favorable outcome. He lives in that courtroom and understand all the complexities surrounding these family law cases. Having worked with the judges and prosecutors several times this year already, he is in the best position to get your case in and out of the court quickly.

Making the Best of a Bad Situation
Regardless the reason for the divorce, Ross Abelow understands that in order to keep the proceedings moving along, both parties need to be treated professionally. Nothing will ever be accomplished by pitting one side against the other, especially when it comes to children. Creating a plan that allows both parties to move on and ensures the children are cared for is the ultimate goal of this divorce lawyer. Trying to punish one side by stripping them of all their assets and the rights to see the kids will only make things worse for everyone.

The ultimate goal of this law firm to to try and settle things amicably so everyone has the chance to heal and move on. You need a professional divorce lawyer who understands people and their emotions, not someone who can read from a law book and fight without mercy.

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Health and Good Taste with New Organic Pet Foods

Purina and Beneful dog food are working to make pet food healthier than it has been in the past. Pet owners are very happy to see that pet foods are tasting better as well. Since a new healthier outcome is the wave of the future, pet food is increasing in profits for companies that are indulging in health food for the pets. Pet food companies are working harder to produce foods that not only the pets love but the owners won’t mind as well. Fresh new market ideas are helping promise for the future belief in higher profits for these companies. Pet foods used to be full of meat by-products, and corn meal bases but now are being produced to be healthier. According to the Daily Herald, Pet food companies are expecting to make over 23 billion in the next year. Pet food already accounts for more than half of the market. Bigger companies are beginning to acquire other companies to create products that are using healthier products. New product lines using things like Wild Bird and Fruits such as cranberries make the tastes much better. Merrick Pet Care, the organic dog food creator will help Purina in their new innovations. Beneful dog food is a big part of Purina dog food. The new ingredients and healthier products such as the new puppy formula, the weight loss formula, and the different dog food flavors are better for the pets and helping with longer lives for the pets. The new Paleo diets help with a dog’s ancestral traits and digestion. The raw meats and sweet potatoes or Kale keep these foods grain free and tastier for your pets. Bringing the dog back to its “wild” is the new idea in marketing and food preparation. Older dogs running and playing more than they were, puppies growing stronger and healthier, middle age dogs losing the excess weight are all reasons Beneful and Purina are going to be increasing their sales. According to the Daily Herald article, your pet’s food needs to taste good enough for you to want to eat it. It needs to be organic and free of unhealthier by-products. Believing in your dog food is the best feeling you can have because everyone knows your pet is your best friend and a big part of your family.

Why The Kraft Farm Thinks Jon Urbana Is A 21st Century Renaissance Man

When one hears the term “Renaissance Man”, one could be forgiven of thinking of that actor in the wig who works at the Ye Olde Renaissance Faire. But the term actually is a reference to the bright lights of that actual period, such as Leonardo da Vinci. Such men were truly “multi-taskers”, often producing genius level work in multiple areas, such as art, science, and engineering. While the term wasn’t used during the actual Renaissance period, it found its way into English vernacular in about 1906 as a way to describe a person who had many interests and great talent in carrying them out.

While the term hasn’t gotten much use in the later half of the 20th and early 21st centuries, it’s time to dust it off for Jon Urbana. Urbana is an artist and entrepreneur who has recorded music, produced videos, created sports camps, started a medical business, and was recently a Federal Aviation Administration Award recipient. Even Leonardo da Vinci wasn’t a professional athlete.

But Urbana can make that claim. A former professional lacrosse player, this Denver native has used his athletic talent and training to found the Next Level lacrosse camps for aspiring young players who want to improve their game. He has also filmed and produced a number of camp-centric videos to promote them and their work.

In addition to video making, Urbana has professionally explored his interest in electronic music. Under this format, he has produced original work and crafted remixes of older work, and his songs can be found on and

And Urbana was recently named one of those included in the prestigious FAA Airmen Certification Database. This listing indicates all commercially licensed pilots who have met or exceeded all required flight, safety, and medical training. Urbana uses his pilot skills in his business (he also heads a medical laser company called Ellipse) and camp related activities.

In addition to his various business and creative blogging endeavors, Jon Urbana is involved in charity work, most recently in rescuing and finding appropriate homes for stray cats.

New York City Real Estate Remains At A High Level

The latest data about the New York City apartments for sale markets published by The Real Deal has revealed a healthy performance across both the commercial and residential markets. New York City has traditionally had one of the strongest real estate markets in the world, but was often seen as being cocooned from the rest of the world by the drive of people to reach Manhattan Island. The latest figures for November 2015 have revealed the majority of areas across New York City are seeing rising prices for residential and commercial real estate, plus the number of listings available is remaining at a low level.

New York City real estate markets have always been hard to navigate without the assistance of a top agent. Town Real Estate is one of the top agencies in the city and has embarked on an aggressive employment strategy to make sure the best real estate agents in the city are employed by the agency.

Many people who have not been involved in the aggressive New York City real estate markets do not understand why an experienced agent is so important. Town owner Andrew Heiberger understands the best agents have contact and links to other agencies that allow them to get to know when new listings will be available and who is in control of these properties. In many cases the agents of Town can show properties for both rentals and purchases to their clients as soon as they appear on the market and provide the best chance of buying or renting a dream home.

The areas of New York City that have been expanding in recent years with large developments are seen as new areas for luxury homes to be found. Brooklyn has seen new developments snapped up by buyers and renters in a short space of time after being placed on the market. By the end of November 2015 the number of apartments for sale in Brooklyn have fallen to just 550.

Whats In A Mutt?

I’m a strong believer that mutts make the best pets after looking after some of these amazing animals for years. So many people are looking to get pets that are pure breeds on but do not understand the difficulties that can sometimes come with getting a dog that has been created for a specific purpose. When a person has a mutt for a pet they are helping with a breeding problem while giving a good animal a home that they deserve.

My mutt has done so much to keep me happy, and I am always looking to do what I can to help make him happier and healthier. I have gone great lengths to find a diet that will help keep him around for a long time.

There has been much back and forth about what kind of food to feed my dogs, and each time they seem to end up liking the same thing. I have decided to rely on Beneful all my dogs because I know that they enjoy the taste and I get to save money. My current dog will eat the Beneful Original, but in the past I have had to mix a little bit of the Chopped Meals or Tuscan Medleys in with the dry food to keep my pets happy. My dog seems to like his food so much that I may have to switch him to the Beneful Healthy Weight variety in order to keep him in shape!

These dogs offer great companionship, they are smart, and overall awesome friends with the help of Beneful on amazon. I feel better with my mutts because I know that the genetics they have are much more solid from that of a breed that has had to breed inside the group. I don’t want a friend that I will have to lose early due to health issues that a breed is susceptible to.

It’s also cool to have a dog that doesn’t look like any other dog out there. My dog has a unique silver coat that I have never seen and many people stop to compliment how pretty he is. I love the great personalities that these pups have to offer. Most of them also seem incredibly intelligent compared to most dogs out there. I can’t imagine life without my mutts after the great experiences I have had.