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Changing the Pet Food Industry One Brand at a Time

Innovation in pet food has seen a dramatic shift in the last few years. Manufacturers are working towards providing consumers with more traditional blends of pet food; apparently the point is to return to the basics. A Bloomberg article analyzed the evolution that is taking place in the pet food industry. Freshpet Inc is one manufacturer that is leading the pack by providing industrial refrigerated food. It is still the only company that does.
Matching the Competition
With companies like Freshpet Inc and Blue Buffalo CO providing innovations, some olds ones are also upping their game to match the competition. What this means is that pet owners don’t have limitations when looking for health chow for their pets. One example is a company like Colgate –Palmolive providing weight loss food for dogs. One of the biggest pet food manufacturers, Mars Petcare, has a Nutro Farm’s Harvest range which provides farm foods to pets. Another one is Nestle Purina that allows pet owners to make their personalized nutrition blends. Purina also provides special food for elderly dogs. The Bright Minds brand of dog food does not require much energy to metabolize, which is ideal for aging dogs. The company is also into the dry foods market, which happened when it bought Merrick Petcare.
A Taste of Beneful
Beneful is another brand from Purina, and it offers dry and wet dog food and treats. The dry dog food comes in eight varieties, with ingredients like beef, chicken, egg, and salmon. For wet food, there are so many ingredients by Beneful that all provide sufficient nutrients for dogs such as beef, carrots, barley, wild rice, tomatoes, salmon, turkey and so much more. There are twenty varieties of wet dog food. Pet owners also get a choice of eleven dog treats. With its selection of different types of dog food, Beneful is offering dog owners options depending on what suits their pets best. It is filling various niches with one brand and continues to raise Purina’s status as a global dog food manufacturer. Making it Work According to the article,, the strategies that pet food manufacturers are adapting seem to be bringing in profits. Since 2009, there has been a 45% increase in sales of high-end dog food and companies like Blue Buffalo going public with sales predictions of over 1 billion dollars in 2015.

Woke Twitter Calls Out Racism And Brenda Wardle Weighs In

In this contemporary era, Twitter has become a sphere through which many people express their views regarding any subject under the sun, including racism. One group known for exposing and challenging the reality of racism in the Twitter realm is called Woke Twitter. The organization is comprised of any individual who uses the #woke hashtag to identify racism and contribute to commentary regarding why it is despicable and needs to be erased from society. Woke Twitter representatives tend to reject the “Rainbow Nation” narrative which promotes the idea that America is racially inclusive. Rather, they advance the idea that racism remains a serious problem in the country and must be challenged. Recently, Woke Twitter called Penny Sparrow into judgment for a tweet they deem racist. In the tweet, Sparrow equated blacks of South Africa to animals such as apes and monkeys.

Brenda Wardle Analyzes Penny Sparrow’s Statement

Woke Twitter’s unveiling of Penny Sparrow’s racist tweet has sparked commentary and controversy all over the world. One individual who has responded to the call to discuss the reality of online racism is legal analyst Brenda Wardle. In discussing Sparrow’s remark, Brenda Wardle noted that the woman’s statement impaired the dignity of black people in an unlawful, intentional manner.

More About Brenda Wardle

People interested in learning more about the perspective and background of Brenda Wardle should note that she is a legal analyst currently studying at the University of South Africa. She also authored To Kill A Fragile Rose. This novel concerns the case of Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius. Law is one of Wardle’s deepest passions, and she is committed to identifying and discussing the intersections of race and the legal field.

Moving Forward

As 2016 continues unfolding, more and more people are paying attention to race-based issues, including Woke Twitter. In addition to addressing race-based discrimination, the organization (many of whose members are millennials) are interested in discussing the reality of sex and gender-based oppression. Individuals who want to participate in the dialogue regarding racist, sexist, and homophobic narratives can take part by developing a Twitter account and tweeting information which includes the #woke hashtag.

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Shaygan Kheradpir Leads To The Invention Of A Pluggable Optical Layer By Coriant Solutions

Shaygan Kheradpir is a self-made investor who has achieved so much in the information technology industry. Sir Kheradpir is a philanthropist who dedicates much of his time to better the operations of Coriant solutions without concentrating on personal gains. Kheradpir serves as the president and as the senior executive of Coriant Solutions Limited. He works in close association with Leggett Robert and DiPietro. Coriant Holdings Company started operating as an independent business organization three years ago.


Coriant Solutions Limited, which operates under the leadership of Shaygan Kheradpir, is hosted in Naperville, USA, and Munich town, Germany. This company specializes in telecommunications and technological advancements. The range of products offered by Coriant Solutions Incorporation varies from edge routing solutions, transport solutions, optical planning, to intelligent network management.


This company offers quality telecommunication services at an international level. Coriant Solutions Limited came from Marlin Equity Partners. The firm has more than three thousand committed and dedicated staff who works for the economic wellbeing of their clients. In his era as the CEO of this firm, Shaygan Kheradpir has led to the establishment of selling points across the whole world and the expansion of offered products.


According to news, the Company has successfully invented an optical layer that is pluggable. Kheradpir implied that this was the first layer to be successfully operational. He also added that the invention of the cable will increase flexibility and efficiency of costs used in the telecommunication sector. The invention of the cable brought about an efficient approach to mobile networks. Shaygan depicted that the cable will enhance flexibility that will ensure that the metro systems meets the mobile applications that are fixed.


The pluggable optical layer also gives the users a chance to customize the deployments of optical systems. The layer allows the user ability to match diverse functional components and mix them up without necessarily making payments to functionalities that cannot save the situation. Kheradpir stated that the invention of the cable would help Coriant Solutions make flexible services to customers all at an international level. Shaygan concluded by saying that the cable reduces costs by an estimated thirty percent, a scenario that has attracted many clients to the firm.

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CCMP Capital is a world class investment private equity firm with over $ 16 billion of investments around the world. It has targeted the retail industry, industries, healthcare and the energy sector. It uses the buyout and growth equity transactions grow. It has leveraged its proprietary models and industry experience to invest.

CCMP Capital has a 31-year-old heritage it is proud to share with all willing to listen. It was founded in 1984 as the investment wing of chemical industries. It was initially named Chemical Venture Partners. In 1991, it merged with Manufacturers Hanover investment division named MH Capital Partners. The new unit was called Chemical Venture Partners. In 1996, they merged with Chase Manhattan Bank to create Chase Capital Partners. In 2000, they merged with JPMorgan to form JP Morgan Partners. In 2002, JPmorgan partners closed one of its funds with $ 5.4 billion. It led to a series of events that saw CCMP announced in 2006.It was an almagation from its rich history. The names stand for Chemical venture partners, Manufacturers Hanover and Chase capital partners.

The 1st CEO of CCMP Capital and its founding father was Stephen Murray. He took over in 2006 and held till 2008.Mr Murray sadly passed on leaving behind a loving family and friends.

Mr Murray was a legendary deal closer and investor. He led the firm to its 1st $ 3.4 billion leveraged buyouts in 2007.It was his proudest moment he recently said in an interview Murray also diversified the company’s portfolio. His biggest dream was building a hedge fund with high returns and low risks.

Mr Murray also saw the form expand globally. It today has 50 employees spread across the globe managing $ 16 billion of its assets. Only the best are hired at CCMP.It is one of Steve Murray legacy. The workers are well paid and encouraged to be innovative.

Mr Murray was born on the 2nd of August 1962.The 52 year attended Boston College for a degree in economics and later joined Columbia for MBA.Mr Murray was until his death an adherent of education. He hired the most qualified as he believed they would give him the leverage he needed. It was his dream team.

Mr Murray started his career with Manufactures Hannover in 1984 as the credit analyst. It was at the graduate training program immediately after his MBA.In 1989, he joined MH Equity Corporation. He was to join the then Chemical partner ventures in 1991 after they purchased his firm.

In 2005, Mr. Murray cofounded CCMP Capital. It was a spin out of JP Morgan Chase and was named its CEO in 2007.He has served on various boards including at Aramark and Pinnacle Foods. He is a well-known Philanthropist, who has substantially supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Different Reasons People Switch Carriers

There are tons of factors that cause a customer to switch. It could be anything from problems with their current carrier to something that the new carrier is offering. It could be anything from the new phone that they are interested in getting to even a problem with their old contract. Fortunately, every company offers phones with no contract. One of the carriers that offer phones with no contract is Sprint. Sprint is definitely one of the more inexpensive carriers for people that are interested in a mobile phone service. It is also working over other known carriers.

One of the carriers that works under Sprint is FreedomPop. The company FreedomPop has started when certain people have noticed how costly some of the services could be. They saw a need that people had and worked on ways to fulfill that need. The founders of FreedomPop have thought about the needs of people who couldn’t afford any of the services that are offered by the carriers, especially because of the economic crisis. They have put together a type of service that gives people a little bit of service for free every month. They also allow people the opportunity to pay for more service.

This business proposal has proven to be very successful for FreedomPop. Due to its success, FreedomPop was able to expand into other markets. They have also built a collection of products that are compatible with the service plan offered by FreedomPop. These products are for the most part old phones. None of the phones or tablets are totally new. However, FreedomPop has teamed with Intel in the development of a new smartphone that is going to feature their new processor called “Sofia”. This new Intel Phone is expected to be released sometime this year. This will be Intel’s way of breaking into the mobile market.

In a way, it has become easier to switch carriers because a lot of times, the phones are locked to the provider. If anyone is looking for a good mobile phone service, they just have to find the type of phone they want from the service provider of their choice. They also get to look at the type of services provided and the type of features that come with the service. They could also find out how much it would cost to add a line to the service. For one thing, some service providers provide a deal where they charge only $25 extra for each line added to the account.

Music is Helping to Understand Autism

Sanjay Shah is a self-made millionaire and charitable man. His son was diagnosed with Autism and this drove him to find ways to help understand it. Simply sending money to charities did not feel like enough or even buying cars for a medical facility specializing in Autism. He went on to start his own charity and helped to choose how the money would be used to research and better understand Autism.

He really started to earn his money when he established himself as a hedge-fund manager, but he would now consider himself retired. He had a lot more free time on his hands after retiring, and a chance visit by the rapping icon Snoop Dogg prompted Sanjay Shah to come across the idea of setting up a music charity concert to raise funds and awareness for Autism. One of the first concerts he was able to set up was known as Blended. A mixture of having a couple of well-known artists, a good cause and a level of exclusivity for the event established it to be successful entry into his work in charity. Continuing with his idea and success he was able to open his own charitable organization now known as Autism Rocks.

Sanjay Shah has successfully used the influence and contacts he has gained throughout his life to drive other influential people within their industries to really make a difference. Autism Rocks has already drawn many iconic names to play for his private concerts and has raised millions of dollars to aid in researching Autism.

One of the methods being used to gather donations for his charity is a campaign. This is a great way to earn funding for any circumstance in life that you can imagine. This campaign gives Sanjay Shah an excellent way to earn money for Autism Rocks from the general public from anywhere in the world. A donation to this GoFundMe campaign will go on to help the Autism Research Center in Cambridge University develop research projects to identify who may develop Autism and specific ways to help people who have it.