Woke Twitter Calls Out Racism And Brenda Wardle Weighs In

In this contemporary era, Twitter has become a sphere through which many people express their views regarding any subject under the sun, including racism. One group known for exposing and challenging the reality of racism in the Twitter realm is called Woke Twitter. The organization is comprised of any individual who uses the #woke hashtag to identify racism and contribute to commentary regarding why it is despicable and needs to be erased from society. Woke Twitter representatives tend to reject the “Rainbow Nation” narrative which promotes the idea that America is racially inclusive. Rather, they advance the idea that racism remains a serious problem in the country and must be challenged. Recently, Woke Twitter called Penny Sparrow into judgment for a tweet they deem racist. In the tweet, Sparrow equated blacks of South Africa to animals such as apes and monkeys.

Brenda Wardle Analyzes Penny Sparrow’s Statement

Woke Twitter’s unveiling of Penny Sparrow’s racist tweet has sparked commentary and controversy all over the world. One individual who has responded to the call to discuss the reality of online racism is legal analyst Brenda Wardle. In discussing Sparrow’s remark, Brenda Wardle noted that the woman’s statement impaired the dignity of black people in an unlawful, intentional manner.

More About Brenda Wardle

People interested in learning more about the perspective and background of Brenda Wardle should note that she is a legal analyst currently studying at the University of South Africa. She also authored To Kill A Fragile Rose. This novel concerns the case of Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius. Law is one of Wardle’s deepest passions, and she is committed to identifying and discussing the intersections of race and the legal field.

Moving Forward

As 2016 continues unfolding, more and more people are paying attention to race-based issues, including Woke Twitter. In addition to addressing race-based discrimination, the organization (many of whose members are millennials) are interested in discussing the reality of sex and gender-based oppression. Individuals who want to participate in the dialogue regarding racist, sexist, and homophobic narratives can take part by developing a Twitter account and tweeting information which includes the #woke hashtag.

Watch this interview with Brenda Wardle:


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