Changing the Pet Food Industry One Brand at a Time

Innovation in pet food has seen a dramatic shift in the last few years. Manufacturers are working towards providing consumers with more traditional blends of pet food; apparently the point is to return to the basics. A Bloomberg article analyzed the evolution that is taking place in the pet food industry. Freshpet Inc is one manufacturer that is leading the pack by providing industrial refrigerated food. It is still the only company that does.
Matching the Competition
With companies like Freshpet Inc and Blue Buffalo CO providing innovations, some olds ones are also upping their game to match the competition. What this means is that pet owners don’t have limitations when looking for health chow for their pets. One example is a company like Colgate –Palmolive providing weight loss food for dogs. One of the biggest pet food manufacturers, Mars Petcare, has a Nutro Farm’s Harvest range which provides farm foods to pets. Another one is Nestle Purina that allows pet owners to make their personalized nutrition blends. Purina also provides special food for elderly dogs. The Bright Minds brand of dog food does not require much energy to metabolize, which is ideal for aging dogs. The company is also into the dry foods market, which happened when it bought Merrick Petcare.
A Taste of Beneful
Beneful is another brand from Purina, and it offers dry and wet dog food and treats. The dry dog food comes in eight varieties, with ingredients like beef, chicken, egg, and salmon. For wet food, there are so many ingredients by Beneful that all provide sufficient nutrients for dogs such as beef, carrots, barley, wild rice, tomatoes, salmon, turkey and so much more. There are twenty varieties of wet dog food. Pet owners also get a choice of eleven dog treats. With its selection of different types of dog food, Beneful is offering dog owners options depending on what suits their pets best. It is filling various niches with one brand and continues to raise Purina’s status as a global dog food manufacturer. Making it Work According to the article,, the strategies that pet food manufacturers are adapting seem to be bringing in profits. Since 2009, there has been a 45% increase in sales of high-end dog food and companies like Blue Buffalo going public with sales predictions of over 1 billion dollars in 2015.

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