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Through the Eyes of Yeonmi Park

Being able to learn more about the world requires more than just reading up basic information on it. It also means sometimes seeing things from a different perspective, as one Yeonmi Park of North Korea can attest to.

Yeonmi Park, a well renowed human rights activist, is a shining example of seeing the world from another point of view, in her case being as one from the inside of North Korea. Recently, Park published her own autobiography entitled “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom,” where she opens up about her own personal life experiences there. She discusses her early life and how she was considered privileged but eventually learned about the true reality of the regime led by dictator Kim Jong-Il. On multiple occasions, she also goes into detail about how brutal and oppressive the government can be, as her family found out at one point. This, coupled with learning about what lies outside the borders on the low, is what prompted her to make the move to escape North Korea and get a true sense of freedom.

Yeonmi Park‘s own life began with her being born in the Hyesan district of North Korea to a fairly wealthy family. Her mother was a nurse for the North Korean Army and her father was a civil servant for the North Korean Workers Party at the town hall. Although the family was privileged at first, they began to face some struggles as Park grew older, a notable example being when her father was arrested and imprisoned after being accused of illegal insider trading. It wasn’t until she first watched a pirated movie that she, along with the rest of her family, decided to make the daring move to escape North Korea. With the help of some human traffickers, the family successfully left the country through China and briefly settled in Mongolia, before eventually making it to South Korea and beginning to start a new life there. Her father was unable to complete the journey, due to being diagnosed with and eventually succumbing to colon cancer much earlier.



Yeonmi Park Relives Childhood Through Gripping Autobiography

Anyone that has read “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom,” is well aware of all that Yeonmi Park has gone through. She has endured a childhood that most people cannot fathom. She is taken a lot of flack for releasing her story, and some critics are trying to detect flaws in her recollection. This has not stopped Yeonmi Park though. She has continued to fight for what she knows is true as she helps other North Korean defectors like herself.

Park has told that she is defending her story because it is the truth. She stated that there are some names that have not been revealed to protect those family members that are still calling North Korea home. She also states that she doesn’t remember everything that has happened in her life in vivid details, but she recalls the struggle. She recalls crossing the frozen Yalu River. She knows about the pain that she felt when her father died. All of these things represent hard times for Park.

She was starving and the thought of suicide seemed better than living, but she managed to live through it. That last thing that she wants is to have critics that are trying to dismantle what she has known as her life for the last decade.

Tons of people are still enduring hardship in North Korea. Park is obviously a voice box for these, but her human rights platform is bigger than this. She is speaking out for everyone that has been raped and torched. Yeonmi is taking on the pain of people that are under cruel leadership in the countries that they are from. Park has become this strong force that is able to help others through her public speaking and interviews on the Reason.

The book stands out as a representation of someone that has been able to overcome. She fought her way through the pain. She endured and still progressed. That is why critics should be praising instead of criticizing. She has done something that is courageous. She lived through it and she managed to tell others about it.


Securus Makes Video Visitation So Convenient

My mother will be 80 years old next month. She is still in good shape for her age, but there are some places that she just doesn’t have any plans to go. She is not going to the gym. She is not going to any professional sports games. She is not go to visit her son – my brother – in prison. She will, however, be more than glad to sit down and visit with him through the Securus video visitation app that I have installed on her phone. Download the Google Play version here >>

I have visited my brother many times in prison, and I really hated it. I was also hoping for something that would come along that would make the inmate communication process easier. When he got transferred to a newer prison due to overcrowding that wish for better communication came through. The new correctional center had the video visit set up. With Securus inmates can rent tablets. I have to put money on my brother’s book so that he can rent the tablet. Then I also fund my own account through the Securus site and the communication can begin. 

The thing that I love the most about this is that I can get the rest of our brothers and sisters over with our mother and visit simultaneously. I actually hook my laptop (that has a webcam) up to my 4K 50 inch television. We can see our brother on my huge television screen, and this is so much better than going to the prison.


Securus has a lot of different products on the market, but this one seems to be the biggest hit that I have heard of so far. I know that there are some other investigation tools from Securus that my uncle has spoken about. He is a police officer so he knows a lot about this. I haven’t been watching the company long enough to know about anything other then the video visitation software, but that is enough for me. I know that this software works well. It has become so instrumental in bringing our family back together.

For my siblings and I were all busy doing our own thing. We had our own families and our own lives. When my brother got locked up we started having more times were we would get together to visit with him through the Securus Technologies app. I love what this company has done.

Learn more about the company by checking out their BBB profile.

Doe Deere’s Unique Beauty Rules

In the style and fashion world, the rule makers have long ruled the choices women were “allowed” to make. Today, however, as women assert themselves in the marketplace, it’s clear that the old “rules” don’t always fit. Women want to make their own choices about their personal style.

One of today’s style makers who is making her own rules is Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere. Deere is the CEO of her own makeup company, Lime Crime, and the individuality that’s expressed in this cosmetics company’s style makes it clear that Deere has a unique take on what really works for her.

Deere is known for the vivid colors she uses in her cosmetics line, and there’s no question that the style she shows on her Lime Crime website speaks to women who really want to make a statement with their beauty choices.

Deere has made a unique style out of breaking those rules, and here are a few that she has broken.

1. Don’t wear bright colors if you have an unnatural hair color.
This is a rule that speaks to those women who are sporting the pink, green or purple hair color that’s now in fashion. Deere’s feeling is that you can wear bright colors that coordinate with your hair color and come out looking great. A pink and blue ensemble with pink hair? Why not?

2. Don’t wear different patterns together.

This is a rule Deere loves to defy, and she does it with style. Her feeling is that as long as the patterns coordinate in some way, and play off each other well, it’s okay to wear them together.

3. Only accentuate the mouth or eyes with makeup, not both.

Again, Deere feels that this rule is all wrong. She loves playing up her eyes and mouth with bold colors, but she makes sure they are colors that go together well. When well applied, bold colors on the eyes and lips can be gorgeous.

4. Don’t wear socks with sandals.

Really? No socks? Not in Doe Deere’s world. She loves wearing cute socks that accentuate her outfit, and showing them off by wearing them with open toes sandals.

When it comes to style, every woman needs to make her own rules. That’s Doe Deere’s key to success and it should be yours, too.

Premium Dog Sales Leading to Increase in Market Participants

The market size for dog foods have been increasing in recent years due, most noticeably, to an increase in the demand for premium dog foods. Premium dog foods are generally identified as being healthier for dogs and these products range from foods that are more organic in their composition, have lower amounts of preservatives and additives included in them, and offer a better range of choices for their pets. Brands like Purina are offering a variety of products in this marketplace to capture sales. Some brands are offering varieties of dog foods that have a composition that includes raw chicken and meat and seeks to appeal to dog’s more natural state. The sellers of this paleo diet oriented dog food indicated that this is what dogs ate while they evolved and these foods are healthier and better for them than other more processed foods. Other brands, like Beneful are simply trying to add more organic foods to their dog foods and have acquired Merrick Pet Care, one of the first organic companies selling organic food to dogs, in order to do so. Finally, brands like Freshpet are trying to capture the marketplace by offering preservative free dog foods and have expanded drastically now with over $100 million in sales on Amazon. While they have yet to turn a profit, the increase in sales is dramatic given the higher cost and logistical problems that are associated with the Freshpet food offering. Since Freshpet doesn’t use preservatives in their food it needs to be refrigerated which leads to additional logistical issues and distribution problems for the brand. The fact that Freshpet is able to expand their sales in this environment is amazing. Beyond these product offerings, brands like Beneful have new services to distribute their products to customers such as their newly designed and developed website which lets customers order small batches of dog food that they specially design for the health needs of their dog. This allows dog owners to control not only the ingredients in the dog food, but also the quantity of food the dog gets more closely and can monitor its health better as a result.