Doe Deere’s Unique Beauty Rules

In the style and fashion world, the rule makers have long ruled the choices women were “allowed” to make. Today, however, as women assert themselves in the marketplace, it’s clear that the old “rules” don’t always fit. Women want to make their own choices about their personal style.

One of today’s style makers who is making her own rules is Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere. Deere is the CEO of her own makeup company, Lime Crime, and the individuality that’s expressed in this cosmetics company’s style makes it clear that Deere has a unique take on what really works for her.

Deere is known for the vivid colors she uses in her cosmetics line, and there’s no question that the style she shows on her Lime Crime website speaks to women who really want to make a statement with their beauty choices.

Deere has made a unique style out of breaking those rules, and here are a few that she has broken.

1. Don’t wear bright colors if you have an unnatural hair color.
This is a rule that speaks to those women who are sporting the pink, green or purple hair color that’s now in fashion. Deere’s feeling is that you can wear bright colors that coordinate with your hair color and come out looking great. A pink and blue ensemble with pink hair? Why not?

2. Don’t wear different patterns together.

This is a rule Deere loves to defy, and she does it with style. Her feeling is that as long as the patterns coordinate in some way, and play off each other well, it’s okay to wear them together.

3. Only accentuate the mouth or eyes with makeup, not both.

Again, Deere feels that this rule is all wrong. She loves playing up her eyes and mouth with bold colors, but she makes sure they are colors that go together well. When well applied, bold colors on the eyes and lips can be gorgeous.

4. Don’t wear socks with sandals.

Really? No socks? Not in Doe Deere’s world. She loves wearing cute socks that accentuate her outfit, and showing them off by wearing them with open toes sandals.

When it comes to style, every woman needs to make her own rules. That’s Doe Deere’s key to success and it should be yours, too.

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