Yeonmi Park Relives Childhood Through Gripping Autobiography

Anyone that has read “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom,” is well aware of all that Yeonmi Park has gone through. She has endured a childhood that most people cannot fathom. She is taken a lot of flack for releasing her story, and some critics are trying to detect flaws in her recollection. This has not stopped Yeonmi Park though. She has continued to fight for what she knows is true as she helps other North Korean defectors like herself.

Park has told that she is defending her story because it is the truth. She stated that there are some names that have not been revealed to protect those family members that are still calling North Korea home. She also states that she doesn’t remember everything that has happened in her life in vivid details, but she recalls the struggle. She recalls crossing the frozen Yalu River. She knows about the pain that she felt when her father died. All of these things represent hard times for Park.

She was starving and the thought of suicide seemed better than living, but she managed to live through it. That last thing that she wants is to have critics that are trying to dismantle what she has known as her life for the last decade.

Tons of people are still enduring hardship in North Korea. Park is obviously a voice box for these, but her human rights platform is bigger than this. She is speaking out for everyone that has been raped and torched. Yeonmi is taking on the pain of people that are under cruel leadership in the countries that they are from. Park has become this strong force that is able to help others through her public speaking and interviews on the Reason.

The book stands out as a representation of someone that has been able to overcome. She fought her way through the pain. She endured and still progressed. That is why critics should be praising instead of criticizing. She has done something that is courageous. She lived through it and she managed to tell others about it.


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