Energy Prices According To George Soros

Last year, the prices of energy kept changing. They would rise in a week and drop during the next. This year hasn’t been any different. The same trend is happening, and many investors have been left wondering how to handle the industry. Recently, Russia and Saudi Arabia felt that they needed to do something to change the prices, so they froze their oil production.

The decision by Saudi Arabia and Russia turned out to be a bad one. One of the countries that produce a fifth of the world’s oil, Iran decided to ignore the freezing plan. The country wants to revenge because of the sanctions impounded on them by dumping as much oil as possible in the already international failing market.

Many investors are currently worried which way to take in the troubled energy market. It is hard to predict whether it will stabilize in the new future or not. In the United States, for example, the price of crude closed this Friday at almost thirty dollars a barrel. In 2014, during the mid-summer, this was closing at one hundred and ten dollars. This shows a great decline of more that seventy percent. The investors keep on losing their investments, and this does not seem to change.

Soros Foundation, a company, founded by popular billionaire George Soros recently made a management change that has left everyone in the energy sector speculating. The company decided to withdraw all its money that it had invested in the energy sector. Soros Foundation withdrew its shares in three companies, something that has never happened in the past. For the keen investors, this should set an alarm for them.

Becoming a billionaire is not easy. An individual has to make the right choices, invest millions of dollars and work hard. When George Soros came to the United States, he did not have a lot of money. In fact, he was just an ordinary person. However, because he invested wisely, he has become a global billionaire.

To become a billionaire, an individual must have a billion dollars in their account ready to be invested. For the group that cannot save and get a billion, the only option they have is following the billionaire’s decisions and opinions. When they sell their shares in a company because of low performance and invest in a promising company, you should do the same. These people have been exposed in the market, and following their footsteps can lead you to become a billionaire.

George Soros is a billionaire based in the United States. He is the founder of Soros Foundation and Open Society. His wealth has earned him an independent position in the society because he can give his opinions. His current opinion in the energy prices might turn out to be true as usual.

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