Doe Deere is changing beauty world with her eclectic style

Doe Deere has become a leader in the fashion and beauty world. Thanks to her cosmetics line, Lime Crime, she’s changing the way women view the beauty industry. The businesswoman has had a penchant for fashion and beauty from an early age, so it’s no surprise she choose that career path as she reached adulthood. Starting in 2004, she began her small business by opening an Ebay store called Lime Crime, four years later her business would grow and continue to be a big success. With her unique personality and affinity for vibrant colors, she’s teaching women everywhere that it’s okay to be different and think outside the box.

Doe is one to never play by the rules when it comes to fashion, instead choosing to do things her own way. She shares the lessons she has for being an innovator in the fashion world. One important lesson Doe Deere has is a person’s age shouldn’t influence their fashion choices. She encourages women to wear whatever they like no matter how old they are. Another vivid lesson she shares is to not share certain clothes for special occasion, in her opinion, “Everyone should wear whatever makes us feel like our best, most expressive selves, regardless of the occasion!”

Other fashion rules that Doe recommends are feel free to wear socks with open-toed shoes, even though this is a huge pet peeve with fashion critics. She also suggests to experiment with clothes by mixing patterns and colors, find out what shades and prints work best and stick with that style. Another rule Doe has is to experiment with shades for unnaturally colored hair, many people think you should only wear a certain shade if you have colorful hair, but Doe says that’s not the case. Her tip for matching shades with colorful hair is to find out what compliments each other. Doe’s final tip is for breaking the rules is, don’t be afraid to wear bold eye shadow with bold lip colors, in her opinion mix it up a bit.

While most of these rules are a big no-no in the beauty world, if there’s anything Doe Deere has taught it’s go ahead and experiment, find what works for you, and don’t be afraid to be you. Afterall, as she states, “Wear whatever it is makes you happy, because that’s what fashion is about. Pleasure, creativity, and living out loud.”

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