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Madison Street Capital: A Crash Course in Investment Banking

The investment world could feel like an impossible puzzle to decipher. This is one of the reasons why so many people are intimidated by the sheer idea of dipping into the investment world.

One opportunity that might scare some is investment banking. But the truth is that investment banking–once understood–could be one of the most lucrative options available. But the first step is to understand what it is.

What is Investment Banking?

Investment banking encompasses several types of financial transactions, which could be considered categories within the world of investment banking. One of those categories deals with selling securities. Securities are sold to investors who can take a chance on a project that has a high-risk tag. These projects could be something like the construction of a city bridge or a skyscraper.

High-risk projects usually require a large amount of upfront cash, which is why traditional banks pass on these types of risks. Traditional banks make most of their money from lending, so they tend to shy away from projects that would limit their lending power.

Another function of investment banking deals with growing businesses. A growing business starts to accumulate costs at an exponential capacity. Some entrepreneurs have a hard time keeping up with these expenses. It is at this point that an investment banker approaches the businesses with a well-rounded offer. The investment banker offers to take the company public. This action is usually referred to an IPO where companies sell their own securities.

The prices for these securities are usually quite inexpensive and are offered to special investors who have a relationship with the investment bankers. This is one reason why creating a relationship with a particular investment bank, like Madison Street Capital, is crucial for anyone interested in investment banking. Forming a relationship with an investment bank usually means that one must create a brokerage account. This is an important step for those who are interested in purchasing securities from companies who are going public.

Investment banking also involves the facilitation of merging one company with another. These types of transactions usually occur when a company is trying to diversify, which could be something as simple as reaching a large geography.

How Will Madison Street Capital Help With Investing?

The team behind Madison Street Capital has made it their mission to be diligent. They pay close attention to every detail before making a recommendation or decision. The people behind this particular investment bank focus on the middle market for those smaller businesses and investors looking for stress-free investing.

There is a lot more to learn regarding investment banking, but working with a good team is the best place to start.

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The Growing High-End Dog Food Trend Continues

Many of us have grown to begin taking note of what we put into our bodies, but reports now show that dog owners are doing the same with their pets too. It became known that ingredients that were deemed unfit for human consumption were being used in many brands products, along with questionable production line tactics. The combination of seeing this and taking a new approach to our own health has blossomed into a new awareness of what we give to our dogs on a daily basis. The market reports show that this is a growing Facebook trend among consumers, and business is booming.
Freshpet Inc. executives even have the confidence in their food that allows them to actually taste it themselves, as if there is no difference from it and human food. One executive even was quoted as saying “Tastes just like Thanksgiving.” Surely, this would be a rarity of occurrence a decade ago, where overly processed foods that were filled with preservatives were flooding the market. Freshpet Inc., along with Purina Store, seem to be leading the path in which other pet food manufacturers will follow upon.

After a demand from buyers to know what is going into their dog food products, companies like Beneful provided them with a sense of confidence that only the best ingredients were being utilized within their products. There is no reason why we shouldn’t understand that the better the food our dogs are given, the better their health will be as a result.

Companies are now personalizing products to various types of diets as well. There are a number of products available on Wal-Mart that aim to aid in weigh loss, senior metabolism needs, and so on. The mentality that “It’s just a dog” seems to be a thing of the past, since this new awareness of healthy diets for our animals is making up an ever-growing percentage of total dog food sales in this country.

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CCMP Capital Announces the Death of Ex CEO; Steve Murray

CCMP capital was founded in 2006 as a tool to continue the successful career enjoyed by the company’s founders at JP Morgan. The company which since its inception has enjoyed viable and continued growth deals in buyouts and growth equity transactions in upper middle market companies.

The company is dedicated to investing in the consumer/ retail, industrial, Healthcare, chemicals/ Energy. The company enjoys vast experience in these four sectors; this is a direct result of the co founder’s exposure to these industries prior to founding CCMP Capital. As such the company has developed a reputable character. This reputable character has drawn the attention of prospective portfolio companies who have subscribed to CCMP Capital.

The company embraces different strategies in a bid to effectively address and succeed in the four key sectors that the company deals in. these strategies are designed to work together in a bid to form a successful relationship.

In the consumer, retail and service industry the company takes the direct approach when it comes to marketing. This strategy was in the past considered to be a perfect recipe for failure. However, the CCMP has successfully engaged all stake holders and have reaped lots of benefits.

Further the company invests in media and telecom investments; the firm lays emphasis on consumer and trade publishing, broadcasting, cable and wireless and wire line communication sectors.

Having successfully achieved all its objectives under the leadership of Steve Murray, the company has announced the death of the 52 year old revolutionary. Steve left CCMP a month prior to his death. The move was necessitated by the deteriorating health of the CEO.
Steve, who joined CCMP Capital predecessor firms in 1989, enjoyed a fruitful career up until he left the company. Steve was nominated for presidency and the CEO position when the group went independent in 2007.

The company has announced on Fortune the death and expressed its condolences to the family of the bereaved. Gregg Brenneman who took over from Steve said that the company has lost an iconic individual who is not only a co founder of CCMP Capital but also a great negotiator.
Steve Murray attended the Boston College and graduated with a degree in economics in 1984. He later attended the Columbia Business School where he earned his master’s degree in Business Administration. Murray is well renowned for his philanthropist character. Murray made millions of money and was well aware of his corporate and moral responsibility. He engaged and funded the Make-a –wish foundation based in New York, the Boston College, the food bank of Lower Fairfield County, Stamford museum and Columbia Business School.

Up until his death Murray was an individual who believed in the value of education and served as the vice chairman of the board of trustees at Boston College.

United States Religious Freedom Restoration Act

On Wednesday, April 6, 2016, a federal court has determined that a religious organization The Native American Church of Hawaii must follow the federal marijuana laws regardless if the religious organization is consuming marijuana as part of their religious holy ceremony.

The Church has requested the court under the United States Religious Freedom Restoration Act, to be excused from this federal marijuana law saying they use marijuana during the church ceremonies in order for the church members to be able to connect with their creator.

The difficulty originates from an occurrence in 2009 when a church member had his marijuana taken by federal officials. A district court had ruled against this request earlier. On Wednesday, April 6, 2016, the 9th United States Circuit Court of Appeals approved the previous district court’s earlier decision to deny the request to allow the church to use marijuana as part of their holy religious sacrament.

Attorney Sam Tabar’s career path is very prosperous in both law and the business world. He attended the prestigious Oxford University, where he graduated with honors. After graduating from Oxford University, he went on to Columbia Law School to receive his law degree. Following graduation, he starts his career in 2001 as an associate for the law firm Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP.

LinkedIn lists that currently, Sam Tabar resides in New York City and is an attorney and capital planner. He is the Chief Financial Officer for Awearable Apparel an investment management company. He is also the Chief Operating Officer for FullCycleFund a position that is responsible for investment capital, as well as legal, operational, and tax matters.

Lately, Sam Tabar has reported that he was launching a new business. The new business selected by Sam Tabar is identified as THINX. THINX key goal will be the development of fashionable undergarments to help to encourage women in Africa and Asia during menstruation and incontinence.  This also inspired Sam to create a GoFundMe, to do more for Africa.

On Friday, April 8, 2016, a New Orleans District Judge Arthur Hunter order to have seven inmate’s release from jail. The seven inmates have been charged with very serious crimes. They had been held for many months without being able to have an attorney representation. The judge stated in his decision that a person who is not able to afford an attorney and has not been convicted can not remain in jail without a certain date to begin the courtroom process. The charges for the seven inmates will be placed on hold. The state of Louisiana is having money problems and not able to afford to hire public defenders for an inmate who are not able to afford an attorney.  For his hot take, follow Sam on Twitter.

Athleisure wear is a new fashion trend

It combines the comfortable workout clothes with everyday life. In the past, clothing trends began during most people’s high school years. This was when most people experimented with fashion and style. With college, came a completely new set of trends and fashion statements from Fabletics. After college, most people settle into the professional fashion style set by the workplace. It was acceptable to experiment, but for the most part, there was an unspoken code of dress.

Fast forward to 2015-2016. New trends and new fashion styles on arrive each year. With the plethora of styles and level of acceptance that comes with them, almost anything goes when it comes to what to wear and when to wear it. Athleisure wear is all about taking out the high heels and skirts and dresses, and be able to wear comfortable clothing that is not only comfortable, but versatile as well. It can still be stylish and fashionable. With the marathon of work, family, and everyday life we have, being able to be comfortable and still look professional and put together is a must. The article in Bustle talked about what to wear and how to make it work for leisure time, work time, and evening time. Even when going out dancing, you can still wear stylish tennis shoes and still appear fashion savvy. The article on also had pictures of one young lady’s journey through high school until now. The pictures were very important for allowing people to see that athletic wear could be blended with other styles and still look appropriate for any occasion.

Fabletics on bustle is a company that prides itself on offering quality active wear. Co-founded by Kate Hudson, this clothing line from Fabletics wants to inspire and motivate women to lead healthier and more active lives. It is so easy to fall into a routine and slowly neglect yourself and your health. Fabletics wants women to take the time to dedicate themselves to becoming active and healthy while still being everything they want to be.

Will A Ranch Outside San Diego Supplement Bellamy For Brian Bonar?

Brian Bonar came from Scotland to America to make food, and he loves bringing people into his place to give them the food and the environment that makes them feel good. Bellamy sits on the main drag of Escondido outside San Diego, and Mr. Bonar wanted his place to look like it belonged. He created the name Bellamy to make it sound right for the area, and he wants to keep fitting in because he loves San Diego so much.
San Diego is a great place to live because it never rains, the people are nice and the culture moves slower than the bigger places in California. San Diego is a big city, but it has these great places around it that feel like small towns that people would only see on TV. Mr. Bonar brought his food to the area because he knew the people there wanted to have a higher class of food coming out of the kitchen even though he was running a bistro that feels like a hometown diner.

Bellamy is not the only thing Mr. Bonar is doing in San Diego, but it is the best place to rest because it sits in the center of Escondido. said that people from San Diego can get there easily, and it would be nothing to come out for a lunch and head back to the city. Mr. Bonar is moving even farther out of the city to start a ranch where he can let people host their own events, and he can run another restaurant out of there. It will be like an escape from the rest of the world, but it is so easy to get around San Diego that Mr. Bonar knows he will have a great clientele.

The beauty of going to eat with Mr. Bonar is that he knows what it means to eat in a relaxed and sophisticated place. He wants his chef to make such great food that people will think it came from a place that has everyone standing outside in a waiting line for hours, but he actually runs a bistro that moves fast to give everyone great food. People do not find beet salads and other items of the sort in normal bistros, but people will find those kinds of things in the restaurants opened by Mr. Bonar.

Anyone who comes to San Diego has to come over to Escondido to try Bellamy, and they need to come out to the ranch when it opens. There is so much food to try with Mr. Bonar that everyone will be sated. The food is brilliant, and the ambience feels like it belongs in the relaxed and beautiful San Diego area. Mr. Bonar is a convert after moving over from Scotland to make his dishes.

Philanthropy in Michigan: Dick DeVos and Education

Charitable events are often criticized for being lavish and catering to the most wealthy among us, the most well off, but it’s this group of people that is best positioned to give back to communities that have helped them along the way to becoming a success. So, for many it won’t take much work to find a recognizable name supporting a cause they believe in.

One name that would be noticed by citizens of the state of Michigan is Dick DeVos. And though his entire family seems quite active in philanthropy and charitable causes, it’s Dick who puts his network of $5 billion to work the most, making him one of the wealthiest charitable giver in the nation. Working with his wife, Helen, Dick runs the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation, an organization that is concerned with backing educational reforms across their home state of Michigan. This concern for school children in the state makes up a great deal of their philanthropic concerns, and is arguably only challenged by their socially and politically conservative concerns.When not working to reform education, Dick turns to religion, including the support of parochial schools, Christian youth groups and faith-based charities. Dick has been active in supporting Focus on the Family, which marries conservative politics and religion, something Dick has had an active interest in. In the past, Dick has donation to the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and Freedom Works, all of which are organizations that drive conservative politics and politicians. In past presidential races, Dick DeVos has lent financial support and endorsements to candidates like Rick Santorum and New Gingrich before taking a chance on himself in 2006 when he ran for governor of the state of Michigan.

Dick DeVos has enjoyed a distinguished career that has allowed him the privilege to work in various markets and in differing positions in several companies. Between 1993 and 2002, Dick worked for Anway, ultimately becoming their President, and from his office he managed $4.5 billion in global assets that were used to fund operations in over 50 countries, all under his constant supervision.

In his personal life, Dick has used his public image to be an advocate in support of educational reforms on the behalf of students. He put this into action by working with organizations like Education Freedom Fund, extending scholarships to thousands of Michigan students seeking higher education within the state and abroad.

Glad to see the Grand Rapids area make another “best of” list! Thank you all for your role in making our city great.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Friday, March 11, 2016

Wikipedia’s Reach Will Grow Even More with a Text-to-Speech Project

Wikipedia is huge as it is, holding on to the 7th most-visited website in the world. Now, with the Wikipedia-backed crowd sourced project from a Swedish group, the development of a new text-to-speech synth is under way. They plan on having English, Swedish and Arabic speech engines by September 2017.

That’s good news for the ¼ of Wikipedia visitors who’d rather have- or require- the texts spoken. An increase in users could easily translate into an increase in business Wikipedia views. More views mean more authority and visibility for your business, which can also lead to more sales.Why Should We Have Wikipedia Business Page Creation?

Wikipedia is a massive tool for any business, because of the free SEO bump your company gets when you create a Wikipedia page for your company. But it’s really difficult to get a page published, it’s time-consuming and it’s a confusing process. Most business owners are experts in their fields; Get Your Wiki is an expert Wikipedia writing service in publishing business pages on Wikipedia thanks to their team of talented Wikipedia editors for hire.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Wikipedia Business Page?

Their team of professional Wiki writers has extensive experience in understanding the guidelines, formatting and high standards Wikipedia pages require. The benefits of having a flawless article from Get Your Wiki published on Wikipedia are many:

Isn’t Wikipedia Out of Date?

Actually, the opposite is true. With Google’s search now ranking Wikipedia pages within the first 5 listings as an authority source, Wikipedia recently celebrating its 15-year anniversary and the upcoming new text-to-speech project, it looks as if it’s firmly focused on current and future users. And it’s here to stay.

Hiring Wiki experts to craft a page for your business by Get Your Wiki isn’t just having another prominent online reference, it’s good business.