Wikipedia’s Reach Will Grow Even More with a Text-to-Speech Project

Wikipedia is huge as it is, holding on to the 7th most-visited website in the world. Now, with the Wikipedia-backed crowd sourced project from a Swedish group, the development of a new text-to-speech synth is under way. They plan on having English, Swedish and Arabic speech engines by September 2017.

That’s good news for the ¼ of Wikipedia visitors who’d rather have- or require- the texts spoken. An increase in users could easily translate into an increase in business Wikipedia views. More views mean more authority and visibility for your business, which can also lead to more sales.Why Should We Have Wikipedia Business Page Creation?

Wikipedia is a massive tool for any business, because of the free SEO bump your company gets when you create a Wikipedia page for your company. But it’s really difficult to get a page published, it’s time-consuming and it’s a confusing process. Most business owners are experts in their fields; Get Your Wiki is an expert Wikipedia writing service in publishing business pages on Wikipedia thanks to their team of talented Wikipedia editors for hire.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Wikipedia Business Page?

Their team of professional Wiki writers has extensive experience in understanding the guidelines, formatting and high standards Wikipedia pages require. The benefits of having a flawless article from Get Your Wiki published on Wikipedia are many:

Isn’t Wikipedia Out of Date?

Actually, the opposite is true. With Google’s search now ranking Wikipedia pages within the first 5 listings as an authority source, Wikipedia recently celebrating its 15-year anniversary and the upcoming new text-to-speech project, it looks as if it’s firmly focused on current and future users. And it’s here to stay.

Hiring Wiki experts to craft a page for your business by Get Your Wiki isn’t just having another prominent online reference, it’s good business.

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