CCMP Capital Announces the Death of Ex CEO; Steve Murray

CCMP capital was founded in 2006 as a tool to continue the successful career enjoyed by the company’s founders at JP Morgan. The company which since its inception has enjoyed viable and continued growth deals in buyouts and growth equity transactions in upper middle market companies.

The company is dedicated to investing in the consumer/ retail, industrial, Healthcare, chemicals/ Energy. The company enjoys vast experience in these four sectors; this is a direct result of the co founder’s exposure to these industries prior to founding CCMP Capital. As such the company has developed a reputable character. This reputable character has drawn the attention of prospective portfolio companies who have subscribed to CCMP Capital.

The company embraces different strategies in a bid to effectively address and succeed in the four key sectors that the company deals in. these strategies are designed to work together in a bid to form a successful relationship.

In the consumer, retail and service industry the company takes the direct approach when it comes to marketing. This strategy was in the past considered to be a perfect recipe for failure. However, the CCMP has successfully engaged all stake holders and have reaped lots of benefits.

Further the company invests in media and telecom investments; the firm lays emphasis on consumer and trade publishing, broadcasting, cable and wireless and wire line communication sectors.

Having successfully achieved all its objectives under the leadership of Steve Murray, the company has announced the death of the 52 year old revolutionary. Steve left CCMP a month prior to his death. The move was necessitated by the deteriorating health of the CEO.
Steve, who joined CCMP Capital predecessor firms in 1989, enjoyed a fruitful career up until he left the company. Steve was nominated for presidency and the CEO position when the group went independent in 2007.

The company has announced on Fortune the death and expressed its condolences to the family of the bereaved. Gregg Brenneman who took over from Steve said that the company has lost an iconic individual who is not only a co founder of CCMP Capital but also a great negotiator.
Steve Murray attended the Boston College and graduated with a degree in economics in 1984. He later attended the Columbia Business School where he earned his master’s degree in Business Administration. Murray is well renowned for his philanthropist character. Murray made millions of money and was well aware of his corporate and moral responsibility. He engaged and funded the Make-a –wish foundation based in New York, the Boston College, the food bank of Lower Fairfield County, Stamford museum and Columbia Business School.

Up until his death Murray was an individual who believed in the value of education and served as the vice chairman of the board of trustees at Boston College.

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