The Growing High-End Dog Food Trend Continues

Many of us have grown to begin taking note of what we put into our bodies, but reports now show that dog owners are doing the same with their pets too. It became known that ingredients that were deemed unfit for human consumption were being used in many brands products, along with questionable production line tactics. The combination of seeing this and taking a new approach to our own health has blossomed into a new awareness of what we give to our dogs on a daily basis. The market reports show that this is a growing Facebook trend among consumers, and business is booming.
Freshpet Inc. executives even have the confidence in their food that allows them to actually taste it themselves, as if there is no difference from it and human food. One executive even was quoted as saying “Tastes just like Thanksgiving.” Surely, this would be a rarity of occurrence a decade ago, where overly processed foods that were filled with preservatives were flooding the market. Freshpet Inc., along with Purina Store, seem to be leading the path in which other pet food manufacturers will follow upon.

After a demand from buyers to know what is going into their dog food products, companies like Beneful provided them with a sense of confidence that only the best ingredients were being utilized within their products. There is no reason why we shouldn’t understand that the better the food our dogs are given, the better their health will be as a result.

Companies are now personalizing products to various types of diets as well. There are a number of products available on Wal-Mart that aim to aid in weigh loss, senior metabolism needs, and so on. The mentality that “It’s just a dog” seems to be a thing of the past, since this new awareness of healthy diets for our animals is making up an ever-growing percentage of total dog food sales in this country.

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