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Stephen Murray’s Leadership And Contributions To CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray has been a leading private equity investor and philanthropist. He was the president and CEO of CCMP Capital, a premier private equity company. The firm specializes in takeovers as well as growth equity transactions. Murray was among the initial partners that established CCMP Capital. The company successfully spun out of JPMorgan Chase & Co. in 2006. It did that to steer clear of potential conflicts with the financial institution’s clients.

Murray grew up in a suburb located in Westchester County, New York. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree Boston College. Murray earned his master of business administration from Columbia University. He was first hired as a credit trainee at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co., based in New York, in 1984. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

After working in the company for a while, Murray became the vice president of middle market lending. In 1989, he joined Manufacturers Hanover’s leveraged finance and private equity unit that gave rise to CCMP Capital. Subsequently, after three mergers, Manufacturers Hanover became a division of JPMorgan in 2000.

In 2005, Murray was appointed as the leader of JPMorgan’s buyout business. At the time, JPMorgan Partners was well known for its investments in middle market deals. It also invested together with the bank’s private equity customers. During this period, CCMP was known as JPMorgan Partners – Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

The bank dissociated from the venture after the unit outbid TPG Capital and Blackstone Group LP, KKR & Co. for drug manufacturer Warner Chilcot.

The purchase did not sit well with Henry Kravis, KKR co-founder. He warned the bank not to compete against his company. In 2014, Murray noted that it became difficult for the bank to offer them deals. That is because it could be perceived to be favoring its in-house company. However, the relationship remained strong when the two entities became separate. Read more: Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees

Murray has been an excellent deal maker as well as a remarkable investor. The majority of his professional life was in private equity. His most recent board duties include Jetro JMDH Holdings, Crestcom International, and Inforgroup Inc. Murray’s other current board seats include LHP Hospital Group, Octagon Credit Investors, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet.

Additionally, Stephen Murray supported various charity organizations. These institutions comprise of the Boston College, Columbia Business School, and the Stamford Museum. He also helped the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County as well as the Make -A- Wish Foundation of Metro New York. Murray was the vice chairman of Boston College’s board of trustees. You can also click this link to read more; 5 Questions with Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital

Blogger Reaches for WEN System to Deliver Shine and Bounce to Flat Hair

Nobody likes flat hair, and that’s the problem beauty writer Emily McClure was having on a daily basis. She had seen the famous QVC infomercials showing the WEN no-shampoo system and how it had transformed the beautiful heads of famous stars. So, she decided to take action and reach for a bottle of WEN cleansing conditioner.
Emily created her own 7-day hair challenge and kept a daily log with selfies to chart her progress on To be fair, Emily admitted she can be lazy about hair care and prefers a nighttime shower, but she began a daily WEN wash.

As her hair got used to the WEN system and daily morning massages with the cleansing conditioner, her hair looked shiny, manageable and gorgeous.

L.A. stylist Chaz Dean had invented the revolutionary no lather shampoo system, because it did not use harsh detergents in the formula. Instead, his celebrity clientele washed their hair with natural, healthy botanicals.

Emily had chosen the sephora FIG formula for its added shine, moisture and manageability. It must have been working, because Emily’s girlfriends noticed right away that her hair looked amazing.

One evening, Emily washed with WEN Hair in the nighttime but was surprised her hair already looked limp and oily in the morning. She hurriedly tried to fix her hair for work but couldn’t get her hair to hold a style.

Another time, the beauty blogger was late for work, so she skipped her morning WEN wash and tried to style her hair. Again, her naturally fine locks went flat, and she could not do much to revive her hair.

Emily decided to return to the daily morning washes, and WEN continued to serve her well.

Her advice is to only use WEN if you can adhere to a normal hair care schedule.
Visit WEN hair’s official website:



Kyle Bass Continues His Streak Of Bad Advice

Kyle Bass is continuing his streak of bad advice by telling people that they can learn what central banks are doing if they watch them closely enough. Kyle Bass was right about the financial crisis in 2008, but he was not right about many other things after that. He has been gambling with other people’s money for a long time, and he is sharing information that is nearly impossible for most people to use.

The idea behind his latest prediction is that people are going to be able to watch central banks and essentially handicap them to figure out what they are going to do. The problem is that central banks cannot be predicted like that, and people who are investing in other parts of the world are not going to be able to guess what a central bank will do. They cannot spend their money based on an unreliable prediction, but they cannot avoid all investments altogether.

The investments that most people make need to be easier to manage, and they need to avoid all the complicated things that Kyle Bass wants them to do. There is no reason to go after drug companies for patents or assume that an economy is going to explode soon. People who have the best results in their own investments are very moderated, but Kyle Bass is not moderated at all. He does not watch what he says, and assuming that the average investor can understand macroeconomics is irresponsible.

He is not watching over his own hedge fund, and he is making the hedge fund a much harder place for people to make money. It looks like he is believing a lot of his own hype, and that is making it even harder for him to be believable. He is not telling people something that is going to make them money, but he might be taking his own advice as he sees his hedge fund slowly decline in value. The gambling persona that Kyle Bass has is not helpful for anyone, and he is not giving people the best advice they can get for their money.  There’s more to the story at the following link:

Venezuela’s Health Care Crisis in Failing Economy

The grocery store shelves and people’s pantries are not the only way in which the people of Venezuela are suffering during the current economic crisis. Medical facilities are also feeling the pinch, which is being passed off to consumers.
Multiple reports regarding the lack of medical supplies and adequate care, particularly in emergency rooms, have reached the United States. The Pharmaceutical Federation of Venezuela leader David Osio has issued statements that the country is lacking “as much as 80% of the needed medical supplies needed within the country.” Doctors and medical facility staff members have reported that they often do not have proper lighting available or even paper to write prescriptions.

Hospital patients and doctors agree. One patient, treated for a potentially fatal gunshot wound, stated that he has had to pay to purchase needed medical supplies out of his pocket to receive immediate life-saving treatment. Others reported that they have had to wait months for important surgical procedures for the same reason.

Multiple patients reported that they kept their money well hidden while hospitalized for fear that others would steal it. Other patients reported their money and property was stolen as they slept, leaving them unable to pay for continued care.

“Venezuela’s economy has been in a rapid downward spiral” says Osio. Food, detergents, diapers, and even water and electricity are now rationed by the government. According to CNN, President Nicolas Maduro has denied the humanitarian crisis that has unfolded in his country.



The Changes Devco is Making in the Real Estate Industry

An article looking at Devco which is a New Jersey Development Company was written on Press Atlantic and can be found through the following link . Middlesex County Improvement Authority received a loan of $20 million from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority but unfortunately it is still in debt of this amount. The arrears are said to be to the amount of $ 7million. Middlesex County Improvement Authority acquired the loan to help it in facilitating the construction of the Heldrich Hotel and Conference Center. DEVCO was the company tasked with the sole responsibility of constructing the hotel. Brunswick is optimistic that it will pay the remaining arrears in due course and Casino Reinvestment Development Authority should be more relaxed.

Politics seems to take center stage in this and there have been calls to decline from offering construction contracts to private developers. They have been claims that the Heldrich Hotel is unable to cater for its expenses and Brunswick has been funding it. Projects being funded by loans from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority are on the rise. The most recent project is the Gateway Project that is in Chelsea City. Atlantic City has been issuing bonds to ensure that they are not placed in the same situation that Middlesex County Improvement Authority is in. The city is quick to ensure that it has well placed repayment mechanisms.

New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO) is a privately held real estate company that was created in the year 1970 by Chris Paladino. The company deals with creation of partnerships and initiating financial restructuring of its clients. Its clients are such as universities and colleges and the federal government. Thanks to Devco the real estate image of New Brunswick has been on a positive rise. The company ensures that clients who seek to construct new buildings are able to do that with a team of professionals.