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DEVCO Expresses Hope in Paying the CRDA Unpaid $20 Million Loan

The Press of Atlantic City reported about Middlesex County Improvement Authority’s $1 million missed loan payment consisting of both principal and interest to the CRDA. This missed payment adds arrears to the other missed payment dating five years back. Currently, the missed payments amount to an estimate of $7 million. The payments are aimed at servicing a $20 million loan that was taken from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.
The loan was used to finance the construction of The Heldrich, which is a conference and hotel facility. In this case, New Brunswick Development Corporation was the contractor for the project. The $20 million loan makes up part of the $107 million loan that was sourced by Devco in a bid to develop The Heldrich.

The Cause for the Delayed Payments

Attorney Christopher Paladino, who heads New Brunswick Development Corporation, cited that CRDA would still receive its payment though some additional period may be required. The Heldrich has been experiencing financial complications to the point that DEVCO had to provide it with $776,000 to finance its operating expenses such as carpet replacement. The article was written on Press of Atlantic City

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New Brunswick Development Corporation, which is also known as DEVCO, is among the largest development entities in New Brunswick. The Corporation is a non-profit urban real estate development company, which was founded in the 1970’s.The company has created an impressive reputation in the real estate development sector through its award-winning projects. Devco utilizes innovative project funding structures, strong public-private partnerships as well as its skills in developing strategic alliances to come up with creative projects.

The company has proudly been able to create a model for redevelopment that is nationally recognized. All DEVCO’s projects come from a deep-rooted understanding of the requirements of the individuals who reside, visit or work in the New Brunswick area. Currently, the company is working on a $300 million initiative that is set to redefine Rutgers.

George Soros Continues to Fight for Ukraine

Born in Hungary, George Soros came from rather humble beginnings. But since his immigration to the United States, this man has attained fortune and fame that most people never even dream of. George Soros attained his financial education in London in the UK and later moved to the United States where he began a lucrative business career. Today, he spends a lot of his time with philanthropic foundations, but he also has been espousing his opinion on certain aspects of European Union and its treatment of the Ukraine.

Soros’s Take on the Ukraine Situation

Right now, Ukraine is startling two worlds. Or in another way, there is an old Ukraine and a new Ukraine. The old Ukraine was enveloped in corruption in a myriad of ways. If you wanted a license, you had to bribe someone in the government, for example. Things needed to change, and luckily, they did.

But it didn’t come without a cost. Ukraine changed when they were severely challenged by Russia, who, by the way, is still challenging them on a regular basis. Russia despises most of what the European Union stands for, and they want to take in Ukraine to make them one and the same with Russia as they once were when Russia and the surrounding countries had another name, the Soviet Union.

But George Soros Ukraine is hopeful for Ukraine, and he says that the new Ukraine as he calls it is much better than its old self. The new Ukraine wants change. It wants to be different and more like the European countries it has for neighbors to the west. Many of the opponents of the new Ukraine are still present in the country, but Soros is hopeful that most of the new government officials who were recently elected are going to change things for the better. Again, he urges the rest of the European countries to give them a helping hand in order to do this.

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Ukraine Needs Help and Europe Should Give It to Them

Soros believes that Ukraine needs a chance to get back on her feet. This involves Ukraine being allowed into the European Union, and it requires money. He has given several sums that he believes will help Ukraine overcome its past self and move on in the direction of other European countries like France and Germany.

Of course, there are opponents to this plan as there are to any novel and heroic idea, but Soros has ideas of his own and retorts for all of them. He says that Ukraine can change itself only with Europe’s help. And in turn, Europe should want Ukraine on its side. With Ukraine a part of the Euro Zone, Europe has one more country who is willing to put Russian ideals behind and move toward the greater good. Literally millions of Ukrainian citizens will be on the side of the European Union along with the rest of the country member’s populations.

Soros and his supporters have penned several articles on this subject, and he continues to fight for Ukraine.

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The Glamorous Whimsy Of Jessica Boskoff’s Events

Event design and planning is a field where creativity and innovation are necessary skills to have. When a stylist also has a strong personal sense of style it’s a bonus because they can use their aesthetics to influence the look of the event and set trends in the industry. This is particularly true of one designer, Jessica Boskoff of Twenty Three Layers. Twenty Three Layers is an event design and planning firm in New York City that seeks to dazzle clients and exceed all expectations of what they think their event can be. Jessica Boskoff and the rest of the team achieve that goal by thinking outside the box. They aren’t confined by convention and so are able to create one of a kind experiences that are unforgettable.

Jessica Boskoff gets her inspiration from a love of pastels and sweet things. She adds dimension to her designs with props that bring a quirky sense of fun, whimsy, and style to the space. A pair of eyecatching shoes, a mouthwatering display of colorful treats, accessories in pastel colors and design elements that add visual interest and texture to the space are all used to bring to life Boskoff’s unique and vibrant visions. Drawing current inspiration from the new direction that Twenty Three Layers is taking as a business the latest designs of the company and Boskoff feature a polished and put together but whimsical feel as though promising clients that while the end design will be breathtakingly impressive, the fun and entertainment aspect of the event won’t be sacrificed to accommodate it’s decor.

Boskoff’s designs are so full of color and delightfulness that they feel like celebrations in and of themselves. With this kind of energy in the designs it’s impossible for clients not to enjoy their special events all the more. Her ability to create environments that are beautiful, functional, unique, and vibrant makes Jessica Boskoff a standout event stylist.

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Something Just for You from JustFab


What’s not to love about summer? The endless sunny days flow into hot summer nights. It is a time for fun and a time for fabulous fashion. When planning your picnics, parties and pool days, be sure to turn to JustFab. If you are looking for apparel that is unique, beautiful, and affordable, JustFab has got you covered.

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Since 2010, JustFab has employed amazingly talented in-house designers who are obsessed with creating fashionable, cutting edge designs. Their collections feature pieces that are gorgeous, versatile, and priced right. The 2016 JustFab summer collection is no exception. You can see some of it on Pinterest.
This summer’s hottest trends are also this summer’s coolest trends. Short shorts and skirts pair perfectly with cropped off the shoulder tops in bold bright colors and soft pastels. Another must have for summer is a top, dress, or jumper featuring ‘cold shoulder’ styling. Look for these open shoulder styles in vibrant colors, delicate shades, and exciting prints.
Items that make big and bold statements are really huge this summer and JustFab has just what you need to partake in this trend. Kaftans, jumpers, tops, purses and shoes all feature amazing prints influenced by vivacious Moroccan patterns and eye-catching Native American patterns.
What can possibly make JustFab’s sensational summer selections even more stylish; accessorizing with JustFab’s fashion-forward jewelry pieces. Statement jewelry perfectly pulls your look together. Taking a good style and turning it into a gorgeous style is easy when you put on summer’s fresh new looks like necklaces with details that go from darling to daring. Also, remember that stacking is a fun way to make a fab statement. Purchase an already designed collection or group several individual complimentary necklaces or bracelets together. Each group has more visual power than the individual pieces. Earrings play a big part in solidifying your summer look. JustFab features earrings in an astonishing array of styles everything from geometric designs on posts to glittering metallics that skim your shoulders.
Summer is here; don’t waste a minute of it wondering what to wear! Head to they have just what you are looking for to make this summer picture perfect.
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Parliment Usurping Foreign Policy Causes Maduro to Sue

On June 6, 2016, the President of Venezuela filed a formal complaint against the Supreme Court of the country. This news is extremely surprising considering that every Supreme Court member was placed in office because they were politically aligned with Maduro. The accusation that Maduro places against parliament is in regard to their supposed attempt to “usurp” his powers when it comes to the way he manages foreign policy.
The actions taken by Maduro is seen by expert Danilo Diaz as the result of opposing lawmakers lobbying against the president’s actions in suspending Venezuela from the Organization of American States or OAS. Other countries that are in this organization are allowing the members of the opposition to exit the country and enter into other countries withing the OAS. Other opposing members are turning to the European Union for legal counsel in this matter, which has further angered Maduro.

Expert Danilo Diaz Granados also says this only makes the current political and legal situation in Venezuela worse than it already was. In April, leaders of OAS met in Washington where they extended laws and sanctions against the political members of Venezuela. These sanctions were filed due to the complete breakdown of constitutional order in the Venezuelan government.

With multiple countries standing in union against the acts of the Venezuelan government due to the mistreatment of the residents, the Organization hoped that Maduro would release his tight reign on foreign help and monetary exchange for the good of the people. However, there has been no change in his approach to any matter brought before him.


The Acting Career of Crystal Hunt

Crystal Hunt (born February 5, 1985) is an American actress hailing from Clearwater, Florida. Hunt was drawn to the spotlight at an early age and competed in beauty pageants beginning when she was just a toddler, though her acting career began in 1991 when she held an uncredited role in Brian Levant’s “Problem Child 2.” Destined to return to the screen, Hunt’s career began in earnest in 2003, when she was cast as Lizzie Spaulding, the first-born child of a fabulously wealthy and dysfunctional family on the daytime television series “Guiding Light.”

Prior to winning the role of Lizzie, Hunt had made minor forays into television, namely commercials. She made notable appearances in a commercial for the Disney Company, as well as a widely aired anti-drug advertisement alongside *NSYNC. The role on “Guiding Light,” however, decidedly elevated her career. Her portrayal of Lizzie won acclaim, including a Daytime Emmy Nomination in 2005. Hunt held this role until 2006.

Ventures into film began with 2005’s “The Derby Stallion” alongside Zac Efron and “Sydney White,” where she played a close friend of the title character. Recent years have seen Hunt featured in further films, namely the sports drama “23 Blast” and the worldwide hit “Magic Mike XXL.” Hunt has continued to appear on television as well, acting in the daytime series “One Life to Live” and appearing as herself on “Queens of Drama,” a reality-drama series that follows several former stars of soap operas. The years ahead look promising for Hunt; in addition to her appearances on the screen she assumed the behind-the-scenes role of executive producer for the recent film “Talbot County.”

Securus Introduces New Video Visitation App

Telecommunications company Securus says its made video visitation much easier with the implementation of a state-of-the-art network tool.
The Dallas-based company as revealed by PR Newswire is one of the nation’s leading providers of correctional security tools such as video visitation, security monitoring and public safety. The company contracts with hundreds of law enforcement entity’s throughout the U.S.

Securus is always on the lookout for better ways to implement technology. Recently, the company as designed a new tool to help bring inmates and families together and all that’s needed is a computer.

The newly-launched video visitation tool is being heralded as a god send to PR Newswire insiders. Securus has been working feverishly on its new web-based design, which upgrades system performance. It also allows for improvements like video chat and video visitation.

The Big Data Analytical Tool makes video visitation possible. This app is very convenient, because it takes the headache out of time, travel and gas expenses. With video visitation, you can literally stay connected anywhere. All it takes is a computer, iPod, iPad or other approved device.

Securus knows that many individuals are not in the position to travel great distances to visit loved ones who are incarcerated. The vast majority of inmates are socioeconomically disadvantaged – and so are the family members. Traveling great distances places undue financial stress on loved ones.

The app allows individuals to schedule onsite visits in advance. This means no more waiting in long lines, enduring searches and other things you have to experience in person.

Securus says the feedback they are receiving from the app is mostly positive. “We are working towards making the system even better,” says a spokesperson for Securus. Individuals interested in the service can sign up online. There are a number of payment options available to fund the service.

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