Securus Introduces New Video Visitation App

Telecommunications company Securus says its made video visitation much easier with the implementation of a state-of-the-art network tool.
The Dallas-based company as revealed by PR Newswire is one of the nation’s leading providers of correctional security tools such as video visitation, security monitoring and public safety. The company contracts with hundreds of law enforcement entity’s throughout the U.S.

Securus is always on the lookout for better ways to implement technology. Recently, the company as designed a new tool to help bring inmates and families together and all that’s needed is a computer.

The newly-launched video visitation tool is being heralded as a god send to PR Newswire insiders. Securus has been working feverishly on its new web-based design, which upgrades system performance. It also allows for improvements like video chat and video visitation.

The Big Data Analytical Tool makes video visitation possible. This app is very convenient, because it takes the headache out of time, travel and gas expenses. With video visitation, you can literally stay connected anywhere. All it takes is a computer, iPod, iPad or other approved device.

Securus knows that many individuals are not in the position to travel great distances to visit loved ones who are incarcerated. The vast majority of inmates are socioeconomically disadvantaged – and so are the family members. Traveling great distances places undue financial stress on loved ones.

The app allows individuals to schedule onsite visits in advance. This means no more waiting in long lines, enduring searches and other things you have to experience in person.

Securus says the feedback they are receiving from the app is mostly positive. “We are working towards making the system even better,” says a spokesperson for Securus. Individuals interested in the service can sign up online. There are a number of payment options available to fund the service.

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