George Soros Continues to Fight for Ukraine

Born in Hungary, George Soros came from rather humble beginnings. But since his immigration to the United States, this man has attained fortune and fame that most people never even dream of. George Soros attained his financial education in London in the UK and later moved to the United States where he began a lucrative business career. Today, he spends a lot of his time with philanthropic foundations, but he also has been espousing his opinion on certain aspects of European Union and its treatment of the Ukraine.

Soros’s Take on the Ukraine Situation

Right now, Ukraine is startling two worlds. Or in another way, there is an old Ukraine and a new Ukraine. The old Ukraine was enveloped in corruption in a myriad of ways. If you wanted a license, you had to bribe someone in the government, for example. Things needed to change, and luckily, they did.

But it didn’t come without a cost. Ukraine changed when they were severely challenged by Russia, who, by the way, is still challenging them on a regular basis. Russia despises most of what the European Union stands for, and they want to take in Ukraine to make them one and the same with Russia as they once were when Russia and the surrounding countries had another name, the Soviet Union.

But George Soros Ukraine is hopeful for Ukraine, and he says that the new Ukraine as he calls it is much better than its old self. The new Ukraine wants change. It wants to be different and more like the European countries it has for neighbors to the west. Many of the opponents of the new Ukraine are still present in the country, but Soros is hopeful that most of the new government officials who were recently elected are going to change things for the better. Again, he urges the rest of the European countries to give them a helping hand in order to do this.

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Ukraine Needs Help and Europe Should Give It to Them

Soros believes that Ukraine needs a chance to get back on her feet. This involves Ukraine being allowed into the European Union, and it requires money. He has given several sums that he believes will help Ukraine overcome its past self and move on in the direction of other European countries like France and Germany.

Of course, there are opponents to this plan as there are to any novel and heroic idea, but Soros has ideas of his own and retorts for all of them. He says that Ukraine can change itself only with Europe’s help. And in turn, Europe should want Ukraine on its side. With Ukraine a part of the Euro Zone, Europe has one more country who is willing to put Russian ideals behind and move toward the greater good. Literally millions of Ukrainian citizens will be on the side of the European Union along with the rest of the country member’s populations.

Soros and his supporters have penned several articles on this subject, and he continues to fight for Ukraine.

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