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Lovaganza: Know Thy neighbor, Love Thy neighbor

Many countries have been and are continuing to be wracked by violence. It is a time of deep distrust among people of different backgrounds and cultures. Lovaganza offers a way to decrease the tensions and increase the understanding among people of diverse backgrounds by presenting the cultural traditions and talents of various nations through their art, particularly music and dance. As people understand other cultures better and appreciate their history and accomplishments more, perhaps people will be more tolerant of one another and less violent toward their fellow man, striving toward the Biblical tenet, “Love Thy neighbor as Thy self.” It is this lofty goal that Lovaganza hopes to achieve.

Lovaganza is an entertainment franchise co-founded and lead by J.F.Gagnon, producer, director, and his wife Genevieve, a director, producer and screenwriter, but it is much more than an entertainment franchise. It is a non-profit foundation dedicated to achieving a “universal quality of life for every child” around the globe by 2025. A motion picture trilogy, Lovaganza, is due to be released in 2018 along with a television series. A world wide tour will present the musical and cultural traditions of a smorgasbord of countries in a bohemian, gypsy camp, or state fair type of atmosphere. The movie and tour are billed as The Lovaganza Convoy, and advertisements and trailers depict the convoy of bikers, convertibles, and every imaginable kind of conveyance in an exuberant parade.

Lovaganza is being filmed in many locations, including the United States, India, Spain, France, Tahiti, Kenya, Brazil and many other nations. It is a project of immense imagination and scope, and is an incredible undertaking based on the hope that by introducing people to other cultures on Facebook, The Lovaganza movies and tour will foster a more tolerant relationship between people of many nations. It is an endeavor to foster peace in the world, and it comes at a time when such an endeavor is desperately needed. It is with hope, and excitement, that we can look forward to the movie trilogy, the television series and most importantly the world tour visiting a location near us, in the near future.

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Services being offered by Bury Bad Article


There are many articles currently on the internet which talk positively and negatively about different subjects. As a business owner, you should ensure that your potential clients can only be exposed to the right articles. These are articles with good reviews about your firm. It is one of the ways of marketing your company and at the same time keep the reputation of your entity intact. Thus, is one of the means of building a good brand.

Bury Bad Articles is the company to approach when creating a good reputation online. The entity can help you do so by creating very outstanding articles that will attract the attention of readers thus, topping in various search engines. By so doing it will bury bad articles which threaten the reputation of your firm. The company will give you full control on your online reputation. This will offer you a chance to change your status to suit your needs anytime you want.

Many people do not understand how all this works. In most cases, people always create good articles to bury the bad articles available on the internet. Most of them do not understand how to make the right articles rank high when searched. By subscribing the service of Bury Bad Articles, they will help you achieve this since they have the right expertise to optimize the ranking of good articles.

According to latest research done it has been noted that negative article can lead to 22% loss in sales. This is a huge margin to any firm whose primary motive is to make a profit. Although many companies in the past years didn’t understand the damage that can be caused a wrong article they now know and are in a better position of keeping their reputation intact.

In case three negative articles appear on the internet then the potential loss increase up to 59.2%. This is more than half of any firms. In such situations, it can threaten the existence of the company mainly because the company will have to cut down its operation by more than half.

More than three negative articles will make your entity to loss more than 70% of your potential clients. This means the rate at which your company will expand will reduce by more than half. As the manager of your company, you can avoid all this by simply getting professional advice from Bury Bad Articles.

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Importance of Investment Banking

Benefits of investment banking

Investment bankers act as agents between the security issuers and investors. The intermediaries buy the shares and the resell them at the higher prices. Investment banks help most companies to go public. Investment banking is the most reliable financial devices. They serve many business enterprises. Investment banking gives various kinds of financial services like property trading and trading securities in helping organizations.

Investment bank as advisors

Making a decision on how to raise money is always difficult. Investment banks advise individuals on the best way of raising money. The firm helps in determining the price of the tools by making use of financial models. Investment banks assist the government and their agencies to raise funds. They aid the public in the management of money on both debt and equity. Investment banks are the cornerstones of every step an individual takes in making investments. They provide security and surety of the investment done.

Information of Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is an experienced investment banker. Investors need good banks for investment that will enable them to get at the top. Martin has been helping clients who make investments in banks for an extended period. Martin was a citizen of Australia and Venezuela. He leveraged his citizenship to assist investors. He is a big believer of international banking investments.

Martin shares his wealth among many countries. Martin knows the trend of the market, and he can, therefore, tell the market is about to fail. Martin gets the best result from the market which also makes him benefit from the local growth. He is the best advisor on investment. Making smart moves make people reach their goals. Individuals who want to expand their investments should follow the ways in which Martin makes his investment.

An Investment Bank is an entity that helps people in making money by investing in banks and stock exchange. The banks can be private or public investments. Investment banks enable individuals to get profits and maintain them for a long time. Before investing in a bank, one should consider the preceding information on the investment interests and benefits. Investment banks help individuals and corporate business in accessing stocks, purchasing and selling of bonds.

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Dick Devos And His Charity Work

The Devos is known for their immense charity work and in what they do. Dick DeVos is known for owning multiple businesses, including the Orlando Magic, Amway corporation, among many other business ventures that have turned into billions of dollars in revenue and worth. Known not for what he wears but more so for what he gives, Devos has been knwon for donating millions upon millions to charitable donations yearly. The entire family has been at the pinnacle of social growth in West Michigan. Having been in their world of business for many years, the entire Devos family has donated more than $1.2 billion in their entire lifetime.

Back in 2014, they were featured on the Forbes list of the annual Top 50 Givers List giving $94 million that year. They were ranked as the 20th top givers. The Devos are known for their immense charitable giving and hard work that has changed the way other businessmen are thinking. They have been known for widely supporting political candidates and different issues, but many magazines have decided not to join into those areas of their business and choice of giving. A good portion has been given to align institutions and to provide solutions.

The entire family works towards creating reliable charitable organizations. They have created about five different family foundations. The parents have the Helen DeVos foundation. Each of the four children have their very own foundations that all focus on different organizations and charities. They have wanted to have the organizations they helped to not discuss the gifts.

All of the foundations work in different ways to help a different group of people. Doug and Maria for example donated about $2.6 million to Grand Rapids public schools. This allowed for the schools to pay for teacher training and also improve the lives of the students to help them with their tuition fees.

The entire family has made huge change over the years. The $2 billion they have shared in their lifetime has changed the lives of numerous people across the globe. Whether it’s Amway or the Windquest Group, Dick Devos is one very respectful and hardworking guy who has worked so hard to create change and provide solutions to different organizations. With his great work both in business and throughout philanthropy, you will find that Dick continues to change his style of business to stay up to date with his innovative approach.

Sanjay Shah Says Autism Rocks Provides Resources For Families With Autistic Children

Sanjay Shah is a businessman that has it all — wife, family and a career that he especially loves.

Shah created Solo Capital in 2011 and his charity Autism Rocks the following year. Shah’s background was actually in medicine. After practicing for a few short years, he quickly lost interest and decided to do something else. This led him to accounting. The boredom of sitting in an office for 10 hours a day was not his cup of tea either.

Sanjay Shah was looking for an opportunity to change careers yet again. So the London native found an opening during the banking crisis of 2008. His office began downsizing and this forced he and several co-workers out of a job. So he took his earnings and rented out a space for his brokerage firm. His small mom and pop operation soon grew into one of the largest firms in the UK and made Shah a millionaire many times over.

Today, Shah is semi-retired from the financial business. He now concentrates on something near and dear to his heart — Autism Rocks. This fundraising concert features some of the biggest stars in the music industry performing for autism awareness. Past performers include Prince, Snoop Dog, Michael Buble and Drake. The festival has raised millions of dollars to help children who suffer from the disorder and their families.

Shah’s son Nekhil was diagnosed with autism in 2011. On the day of diagnosis, he was lining up the best physicians and therapists to help Nekhil and the rest of the family acclimate to his condition. Shah says that his son has adapted well. Much has been due to the fact that he has an unlimited source of funds.

“I know that not all families have the financial resources to help their own,” said Shah. “The goal of Autism Rocks is helping families who are in need.


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