Sanjay Shah Says Autism Rocks Provides Resources For Families With Autistic Children

Sanjay Shah is a businessman that has it all — wife, family and a career that he especially loves.

Shah created Solo Capital in 2011 and his charity Autism Rocks the following year. Shah’s background was actually in medicine. After practicing for a few short years, he quickly lost interest and decided to do something else. This led him to accounting. The boredom of sitting in an office for 10 hours a day was not his cup of tea either.

Sanjay Shah was looking for an opportunity to change careers yet again. So the London native found an opening during the banking crisis of 2008. His office began downsizing and this forced he and several co-workers out of a job. So he took his earnings and rented out a space for his brokerage firm. His small mom and pop operation soon grew into one of the largest firms in the UK and made Shah a millionaire many times over.

Today, Shah is semi-retired from the financial business. He now concentrates on something near and dear to his heart — Autism Rocks. This fundraising concert features some of the biggest stars in the music industry performing for autism awareness. Past performers include Prince, Snoop Dog, Michael Buble and Drake. The festival has raised millions of dollars to help children who suffer from the disorder and their families.

Shah’s son Nekhil was diagnosed with autism in 2011. On the day of diagnosis, he was lining up the best physicians and therapists to help Nekhil and the rest of the family acclimate to his condition. Shah says that his son has adapted well. Much has been due to the fact that he has an unlimited source of funds.

“I know that not all families have the financial resources to help their own,” said Shah. “The goal of Autism Rocks is helping families who are in need.


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