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Lovaganza Will Bring Cinema To A Brand New Level

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Cinematic experiences have been developing with the generations. Originally pictures were silent; then with sound came color, and with color developed CINEMASCOPE experiences on Tumblr. Soon 3-D technology was on the scene, though the blue and red glasses of yesteryear definitely left something to be desired. Though three-dimensional technology has become more enhanced with the years, it can’t hold a candle to the proposed innovations of Lovaganza.

Lovaganza was originally planned for 2015, but because of the exceptional increase in technology, this release date has been pushed back to 2020. There will be a foray across the country via traveling showcase during the interim. This is designed to help drum up support and awareness of the incredible features Lovaganza is set to offer. An entirely new cinematic experience waits theatergoers in the next four years. Consider 3-D without any glasses. How can that possibly work? Well, there are now computer programs that can “project” a holographic image into the air that a pair of glasses pick up; the effect seems like a hologram; but it still involves glasses. Lovaganza says there won’t be any. Whatever is up the sleeve of the designers of this event must be interesting indeed!

In addition to new technological means of entertainment, all geared around the celebration of global culture, three feature films will be released in a Lovaganza trilogy. They will be sequentially sent to the theaters between now and 2020, and shown during the traveling expo of the Lovaganza show.

When the final event comes, it’s going to feature immersive experiences that go beyond simple cinema. Live and interactive events will be transitioned with exhibitions of all kinds. Culturally, the design of Lovaganza hearkens to the celebration of all peoples. When the final event hits in 2020, it will be four months long and featured at eight strategic locations across the globe. Those locations include America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Oceania, and Europe.

Yahoo Finance recently issued a press release pertaining to Lovaganza, demonstrating just how exceptional financing behind this effort must be. Considering all the factors involved, it’s set to be an economic beast of a show, with performances that will necessarily employ the talents of many, and require a good deal of infrastructural setup. Reminiscent of the World’s Fair and other similar events of the golden past, it will certainly be interesting to see this festive, ultra-modern event arrive in 2020.

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Securus Technologies: Changing the Incarceration Experience

Many people have debated on whether inmates at correctional facilities deserve access to more modern technology. Some think it’s part of their punishment while others think they have the right to it. SecurUs Technologies agrees with the latter. Securus Technologies has been a leader in the charge of changing the way inmates access communication services. The for-profit prison technology company has contracts with 2,600 correctional facilities within the U.S.

Originally based in Dallas, Texas Securus Technologies has regional offices in Carrollton and Allen, Texas along with another in Atlanta, Georgia.

Inmates at correctional facilities usually have to file their requests and grievances on paper forms, costing correctional officers valuable time distributing, collecting routing, logging, etc. All the time correctional officers spend handling paper forms can severely distract them from more pressing matters like security and safety.

Problems like these are the exact reason Securus Technologies created the ConnectUs Automated Form and Grievance Application. ConnectUs is a great example of how Securus Technologies is helping to modernize correctional facilities contracted with them.

ConnectUs Automated Form and Grievance application is introducing digital automation to facilities and making manual paper processes obsolete. With the ConnectUs application any type of custom forms for any request are much more available to inmates. Being much more efficient than paper processes ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance application saves correction facilities a lot of money and precious time. Saving thousands of dollars on paper costs alone. ConnectUs has a host of other applications out there alongside side their Automated Forms and Grievance application

Securus Technologies continues to make innovative technology available to inmates, making their time spent in incarceration a little less bleak. Allowing them access to automation tools and features previously unavailable before.

Get Free And Low Priced Services From FreedomPop

Many cell phone companies make promises that they don’t keep or cannot keep, but the customer finds this out after they sign up for the services. Some companies are promising lower prices, but the prices don’t stay low. Other companies may promise great call coverage, but there are many spots where coverage does not exist. Some companies are even promising high rates of speed for their data service, but the customer may not be getting these speeds, even when they pay extra money for it. It’s never good to make a promise that can’t be kept, so FreedomPop doesn’t make promises, they make goals that they try to obtain.

One of their biggest goals is to keep the prices low for their customers as well as offering services to customers around the globe. With FreedomPop growing all the time, many countries can now have their services, especially in the USA. Those that reside in the USA can get cell phone coverage, Wi-Fi service, home Internet, and portable hotspots. Even cell phones as well as tablets are sold by the company too. Those who are interested in keeping their phone from a previous service provider to use on FreedomPop’s service only need to unlock it first before bringing it over.

Reading a FreedomPop review shows their ability to offer low prices for all of their services, including their cell phone service. With unlimited phone services starting at the low price of $20, it’s hard to beat these prices, even if a customer chooses to add additional data to their plan. Many cell phone companies are charging a minimum of $50 for unlimited service, but there is a way to get even lower priced cell phone service by making the switch to FreedomPop.

With unlimited text messages, data, and talk time, it’s hard to beat $20 per month. Also, anyone who likes to have constant access to 4G LTE Internet service can sign up for the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service, which is an amazing deal at only $5 monthly. The Wi-Fi service can be used on both an iPhone and an Android phone, and the service can also be used on several devices as well. Home Internet service that’s offered from FreedomPop will include a gigabyte of free data, and those who purchase portable hotspots will get 500 MB of free data, which means every month a customer will get free Internet service with their data plan.

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Thor Halvorssen Wants To Fight Tyrants

Thor Halvorssen is not thinking of fighting tyrants in the way that most countries do with armies and offensive tactics. He is going to fight tyrants with the kinds of techniques that are going to get these stories out in the open. The stories have to stay out in the open if anyone is going to be helped, and that is why it is so important for people like Thor Halvorssen to be helping people. He has been so good for the world since he started the Human Rights Foundation, and he wants to make sure that all oppression starts.

The problem with most tyrants is that they can hide because there is so much news in the world in one day. They are never going to be exposed on the level that they should be, and they are never going to be held to account for things that they have done. Thor Halvorssen thinks that talking about it more will make a difference. That means something to him as the leader of the HRF, and she wants to be sure that he is working with news organizations that will help him keep the stories in the news.

The new will continue to invite him on for as long as they can because he always has interesting stories to tell. The stories are going to be helpful because they shed some light on what is happening to people in these countries. Some people do not even know these things because they might not have heard about them before, and the only way for them to really recover is to be helped by those who learned from someone like Thor Halvorssen. He can run the HRF well, but he cannot make everyone do their part. Telling his stories is a way of getting everyone to pitch in. Follow Thor on Facebook to learn more about his causes.

Event Planning At It’s Best With Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is a woman who knows how to plan a party of any kind. She believes that any party should be as stress-free as possible. If the party doesn’t have a lot of stress involved, then it will be fun for the host and the guests. There are even some ways that a stress-free party can benefit a marriage.

Conrad is an artist in her own right. She has written nine books and has taken the social media world by storm. Now, she wants her fans to know of a few ways to plan a party and be a happy host. The first thing that should be done before any planning begins is to not worry about being perfect. No event is entirely perfect. There will be hiccups along the way, so it’s best to just go with the flow. If the party looks too planned, then it can affect how the host feels and how the guests feel as they won’t know what they can use and what needs to be avoided, such as food and decorations.

One of the ways to have a successful party is to be comfortable. Get the spouse in on the action. Conrad’s husband often helps her decorate and plan some of the events that take place at the party. This takes a lot of the stress away from Conrad so that she can enjoy her friends and family. It also helps the relationship as one person isn’t doing all of the work.

Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company in New York City. The company helps plan events from small birthday parties to large wedding receptions. All of the details of the event are taken care of so that the host can enjoy the celebration.

Twenty Three Layers works with some of the world’s leading companies in regards to music, food and other items to make the event special. With the knowledge that each designer presents, all of the small details come together to give something beautiful and unique. This is one of the well-known companies in New York for all event planning needs.

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Brian Bonar Is An Expert At Building Strong Businesses and Business Relationships

Brian Bonar is a well known and widely respected finance executive. At the start of his career Brian Bonar had a very strong technical background. He attended James Watt Technical College and earned his Bachelor’s Degree, and went on to earn his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Stafford University.

After graduating with his Masters, he laded a position as a manager with IBM. After his stint with IBM, Bonar accepted another management position, where he was responsible for overseeing more than 100 employees. He continues to build his professional reputation by holding several other management positions with top companies, and eventually opening his own.
According to XRepublic, Brian Bonar launched Beizer Systems in September 1994 and led the company to produce the first SCIS printer. After one year with Bezier, Bonar became the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Itec Imaging Technologies, and helped the company develop and maintain relationships with all of Japan and Korea’s printer manufacturers. He remained with Itec for four years before he left to act as President for Allegiant Professional Business Services.

After helping several top companies build and maintain successful business relationships all over the world, Bonar found himself being offered a position with one of the world leaders in staffing. In 2011 he joined Trucept, a temporary staffing and insurance agency. Bonar is the current chairman and CEO of Truecept and overseas the daily financial aspects of the organization.

Brian Bonar is known to combine his technical expertise with his extensive experience in business and finance, to create the best strategies for companies who are fortunate enough to work with him. In 2000, he was presented with the Who’s Who In America Award, in honor of his leadership skills and ability to take companies to the top. There are only two nominees from each gender who have the possibility of winning each year.

The simple fact that Bonar was nominated highlighted his abilities as a leader and financial expert. Since the start of his career, Brian Bonar has worked hard to establish and maintain his reputation as one of the most successful men in business and finance.

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Madison Street Capital Successfully Established License Agreement Between Pearl Human Care and Henry Ford Health System

Madison Street Capital (MSC) announced on June 2nd, 2016 the licensing agreement transaction between its client, Pearl Human Care and Henry Ford Health System. The investment banking firm has 11 years of experience providing private placement advisory services to international clients. Pearl Human Care is an India-based company in which MSC was the exclusive advisor on the licensing agreement. The two companies will work together on a joint venture to launch licensed healthcare facility in India. The facility will introduce the latest technology in the medical field and practices in clinical & medical procedures in the global healthcare industry.


The first hospital of the Henry Ford Hospital Chain will be located in Vellore, India and expected to begin operations in 2018. Pearl Human Care and Henry Ford Health System partnership is credited to Madison Street Capital and Jaydip Sinha, Director of Management. The team helped with establishing the license agreement for Pearl Human Care, provider of health services that integrates high quality technology equipment to help save lives and care for patients. According to Mr. Sinha, the joint venture with Henry Ford Health System, U.S.-based healthcare provider of medical centers, specialty physicians and hospitals will enable physicians and patients to access international healthcare research and invention in Vellore.


In 2005, Charles Botchway and Anthony Marsala founded Madison Street Capital in the State of Illinois. Mr. Botchway serves as Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Marsala serves as Chief Operating Officer. MSC delivers corporate advisory, business valuation, financial opinions, asset management, and financial reporting services to public and private owned companies. The banking investment firm has years of experience providing advisory services for mergers & acquisitions (M&A’s), bankruptcy, governance, reorganization, and buyout. Among the list of MSC’s clients and successful transactions are CEMD Elevator Corporation, GMS Pavilion Properties, Hatch Chile Company, Interior Mark, Pearl Human Care, and many more. Madison Street Capital recently closed nearly 100 transactions for its valued clients.


Madison Street Capital predicted in its 2016 Hedge Fund Merger & Acquisition Outlook Report a huge spike in transactions. The hedge fund industry was strong by the end of 2015 and MSC expects to witness more consolidated partnerships that cater to buyers and sellers in 2016, according to Hedgeweek. The transaction between Pearl Human Care and Henry Ford Health System is the most recent collaboration to launch a licensed hospital in India. Pearl Human Care is grateful and congratulates the MSC team for their dedication, quickly closing the transaction within a short timeline, and providing superb knowledge of the healthcare industry. Madison Street Capital has expanded its services to Haryana and West Bengal in India, Africa, North America, and Asia.

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Hair Redemption With Wen by Chaz Dean

It’s hard not to feel a teeny bit jealous of those women on commercials who run thorough the wind with their gorgeous hair flying about. Oh, what I would give to have hair like that! That’s how I’ve felt for a long time: Utterly jealous of women with a carefree attitude about their beautiful hair.
I haven’t been entirely blessed in the hair department. My hair is extremely oily, which gives it a flat texture that’s very hard (if not impossible) to style. What to do? I felt as though i’d tried everything. My hair exploits have been so challenging, I even wrote about them recently on

Finally, a breakthrough occurred, when I found out about a new product line called WEN Hair by Chaz Dean. Chaz Dean is a well-known hair stylist in Los Angeles, and he decided to create a new, organic product line after hearing many of his clients talk about how frustrated they were in their search for reliable hair products that really clean the hair.

The products in the Wen by Chaz line smell fantastic. Wen hair products are Sephora available and can also be ordered online directly from Amazon. I chose the Sweet Almond Mint cleanser, and it smells just heavenly. It seemed a good fit for my hair type, and i must say it was. I used a large amount of product (a palmful) every day for a week, and within days I saw results. My hair became lighter and fluffier, and I began to get a lot of compliments. By the end of the week i felt transformed! Visit Guthy-Renker to know more about Wen.

I love my light, fluffy and manageable hair, and I intend to keep it. I may experiment with some of the other products from the Wen line, like the Fig scent, too. I love Wen hair by Chaz and I love my new hair! Read more about Wen hair results on