Thor Halvorssen Wants To Fight Tyrants

Thor Halvorssen is not thinking of fighting tyrants in the way that most countries do with armies and offensive tactics. He is going to fight tyrants with the kinds of techniques that are going to get these stories out in the open. The stories have to stay out in the open if anyone is going to be helped, and that is why it is so important for people like Thor Halvorssen to be helping people. He has been so good for the world since he started the Human Rights Foundation, and he wants to make sure that all oppression starts.

The problem with most tyrants is that they can hide because there is so much news in the world in one day. They are never going to be exposed on the level that they should be, and they are never going to be held to account for things that they have done. Thor Halvorssen thinks that talking about it more will make a difference. That means something to him as the leader of the HRF, and she wants to be sure that he is working with news organizations that will help him keep the stories in the news.

The new will continue to invite him on for as long as they can because he always has interesting stories to tell. The stories are going to be helpful because they shed some light on what is happening to people in these countries. Some people do not even know these things because they might not have heard about them before, and the only way for them to really recover is to be helped by those who learned from someone like Thor Halvorssen. He can run the HRF well, but he cannot make everyone do their part. Telling his stories is a way of getting everyone to pitch in. Follow Thor on Facebook to learn more about his causes.

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