Fabletics Supports A Cause

Fabletics is a company that has been around for about three years. They started out strong and continue to impress those who love wearing athleisure. This unique company allows its customers to receive items through subscription, or through basic purchase but they offer some of the trendiest clothing that are exclusive to the Fabletics line only. Their spokesmodel, the popular Kate Hudson, just recently became ambassador for the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign, and she decided to add a few pieces to the Fabletics collection in support of the cause.

In a recent article, it discusses how adding the line was a no brainer for Kate. While many people have been affected by Breast Cancer worldwide on fabletics.com, it seemed like the right thing to do in support of a popular cancer. The collection will include one bralette, a pair of pants and two tops to choose from. Choosing the pink took time for Kate, as she wanted to steer away from the classic baby pink. Hoping to add some depth to the color, she went for a deeper shade that looks bolder, just like the rest of her Fabletics line. You can’t go wrong with this pink design that supports a great cause like Breast Cancer.

Fabletics is a subscription company, which means you can subscribe to receive new clothing each and every month, delivered to your door at a fixed rate. This is a great way for those who don’t have time to shop to grow a versatile wardrobe. It’s great for athleisure lovers as well to add affordable, exclusive pieces to their closet. You can also purchase clothes at your leisure and don’t have to subscribe but many find it to be an exciting, unique experience that allows them to get great clothing they feel confident in.

Kate Hudson continues to wow us with her incredible designs, and now with her kindness. Supporting Breast Cancer is great for women to feel empowered, and her designs are adorable. If you plan on checking this new line out, do so soon because her items never last long. Fashion Targets Breast Cancer can now be found on the site and in any of her several stores across the United States, so you can support a great cause and look cute today! Source: https://www.instagram.com/fabletics

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