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Kenneth Goodgame, The Tycoon Of Sales And Marketing

Kenneth Goodgame is a tycoon in the field of marketing with a long string of achievements and work experience in his long career. He started his early career in 1995 as a Hardlines D28 Product Merchant. As a product merchant, he managed the purchasing department in the category of the indoor garden. Under his leadership, there was a 20% increase in YOY (Year over Year). He managed all the store opening work and was the training head of store managers at about 220 locations. Under his leadership, Hardlines D28 started another branch in Peurto Rico.

In 1999, Kenneth Goodgame went on to become the Director of Proprietary Brands. He shone as a manager there also and created about $ 30 M growth in the sales of wet dry vacuum and gained 10% market share for the RIDGID brand. He was the Brand manager of Husky and Workforce lines. He designed and successfully launches the 20 SKU Husky Air Tool program leaving the then dominant Sears behind.

Starting his career as a product merchant Kenneth Goodgame set his foot firmly in the marketing career as a Senior Global Product Merchant in 2001. He efficiently led the procurement of $ 16 B product category for the consumer. He generated the largest sales of $375 M in the product selling history of John Deere. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

Kenneth has a vast experience in sales and marketing in multitudinous areas and different product categories. In 2002, Rubber Maid Cleaning awarded him the post of President and General Manager. The decision was not wrong as under Kenneth; the company secured a hefty $30 M annual contract with Wal – Mart.

Kenneth went on to serve as a President and a General Manager in Bernzomatic from 2004 to 2006. After his joining, the company had a whopping growth of 94% to about $ 150 M in the consumer good sector in about less than two years. Kenneth was the one who successfully led the national consumer promotion of Ültimate Tradesman Challenge” which gave a profit of about $25 M.

Kenneth’s marketing career was successful in the field of motorsports also. He was the President of Baja Motorsports from 2008 to 2010. He has an extensive list of achievements as the company President where he completely launched a new retail division from nought. The company experienced its first-ever most profitable year through his marketing tactics whereby he converted $2.5M annual loss to about $5M profit by restructuring the whole business.

Before being a chief executive of the True Value Leadership Team, Kenneth also had a significant stint with Ace Hardware Corporation, Oak Brook. Kenneth served as a Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer of True Value Hardware Corporation, Chicago from 2013 to 2015.

The decision of True Value to hire Kenneth as a part of their Leadership Team was game changing for them as Kenneth introduced Craftsman program and jumped the sales from $9M to $180 M in the category of handtool. Under his guidance, the world class merchandising test facility was created.

Thus, Kenneth Goodgame has an uncanny talent of turning loss into profit, and every company has profited with his excellent management and sales skills.

How EOS Became A Top Player In The Lip Balm Game

Everyone has seen the pastel-colored orbs of lip balm at the checkout lanes, in fact, a majority of people have tried this innovative form of lip balm called EOS. For over a century, lip balm was something people searched for in a plain cylindrical tube, and there wasn’t anything special about it. Sure, there were a few flavors, but it was all the same at the end of the day. EOS took a different approach and this company entered an already flooded market and managed to come out on top.

EOS, or full name Evolution of Smooth, can be found at most stores and in magazines. The company snuck on the scene, intentionally not building up much information about the new product. EOS began as a small startup and all their focus and financing went towards creating the products as well as distributing them instead of into marketing.

Lip balm was often treated as a unisex item, but through research EOS lip balm discovered it was most commonly used by women. Through research, it was found that most users liked the idea of lip balm pots, something that had recently entered the market, but consumers found it unhygienic to apply with their fingers. After all their research, EOS decided to create a product that could engage all five senses. The soft round orb feels good in the hands, they come in bright colors, they have delightful smells and tastes, and the orb even has a satisfying click when it’s closed.

EOS was certainly a creative product and differed from their competitors, but they needed something else to compete with lip balm giants like Chapstick (owned by Pfizer) and Burt’s Bees (owned by Clorox). EOS was lucky enough to land a meeting with a female buyer for Walgreens who fell in love with the product. She was their first account and after that successful launch, they were able to convince Walmart ( and Target to sell their product. Online retailers like ULTA and eBay began selling the EOS products too.

They began advertising in magazines and on TV, but knew the way to win the market was to create a buzz. They contacted beauty bloggers and had them review the product and discuss it on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Suddenly, EOS was everywhere. Celebrities like Britney Spears and Demi Lovato were seen using the product.

In just seven years EOS has become a household product. It has even spawned copycat products by brands like Bistex and Revo as well as generic store brands. For more background information on EOS, check out this article at Fast Company.


Waiakea Water is Invested in Your Health

Waiakea Water is a company that understands that what a person consistently consumes is an investment into their personal health, and ultimately an investment into their future. Waiakea produces one of the best Hawaiian volcanic waters on the market. The natural volcanic filtration process cuts down on nitrates and other harmful contaminates that can be found in water that is derived from man made filtration processes.

According to Specialty Foods, when a person drinks a bottle of water that comes from Waiakea Springs they are definitely making a small, but wise investment into their health. You can feel the benefit of it by the way that it keeps your body hydrated and bursting with new energy. It’s a reward that you instantly reap, and the delicious taste of the water is just an added bonus.

The amount of water you consume each day probably isn’t something that crosses your mind much. Also, if you’re like most people, you probably trust that the water you are drinking is clean and good for your health. This isn’t always the case for everyone else.

There are parts of the world where clean water is inaccessible. No matter how much these people would enjoy having access to water that is contaminant free, in many areas this just isn’t an immediate option.

This is why Waiakea water has partnered with Pump Aid in a social initiative that will deliver clean drinking water to the people in those areas. One of those areas in particular is Malawi. It is a small village in Africa where water related illness account for the leading cause of death of children age 5 and under.

Water contamination is also the second leading cause of death for adults in the area. The local residents consume less than 20 liters of water a day. This number pales in comparison to the 666 liters that Americans consume each day.

The next time that you grab some water, you can not only make an investment that will improve your life, but you can significantly improve the lives of others. Accrding to Organic Authority, for every liter of water that you purchase from Waiakea water they will provide 650 liters to villages and areas all over the world who don’t have access to clean water supplies. Learn more about Waiakea water:

Since this initiative has started, nearly 500 million liters of water have been delivered to areas like Malawi. This is definitely an investment into the health and future of the world abroad that will have a lasting impact.

Former Atlanta Hawks’ Ownership Group Led By Bruce Levenson Sue Insurer Over Failure To Cover Buyout Agreement With Danny Ferry

Bruce Levenson is the controlling partner of the Atlants Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE), the former owners of the Atlanta Hawks franchise in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Danny Ferry was employed by the company as the general manager of the franchise pursuant to the terms of a six year contract executed in 2012. Due to problems arising out of his employment, management and Ferry entered into a confidential buyout agreement on June 22, 2015. Shortly thereafter, the franchise was sold.

AHBE had an insurance policy with AIG which the Levenson company believed covered losses from employment practices such as the settlement with Ferry. AHBE notified AIG of the claims by Ferry, but according to a lawsuit filed by AHBE in Atlants on September 13, 2016, AIG refused to acknowledge the claim, participate in any settlement negotiations, and pay any of the buyout money. The complaint is based upon the legal principles of breach of contract and insurance bad faith. It seeks damages in the amount paid to Ferry, which is not listed, along with penalties, attorney fees, and costs.

Bruce Levenson is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, and the law school at American University. He is co-founder of United Communications Group, and he is a director of

According to ESPN, the sale of the Atlanta Hawks ended Levenson’s association with the NBA where he served on the Board of Governors. Levenson and his investment group purchased the Hawks in 2004.

Town Residential Opens Its Tenth Outpost In The Manhattan Area

Town Residential recently signed a 15-year contract for office space in Manhattan’s meat packing district. This outpost makes a total of ten in the area for the fastest growing real estate firm in New York and covers markets from the Hudson Yards to TriBeCa. Opening of this office gives brokers easy access to strategic neighborhoods all along the Hudson, increasing the chances for a successful deal and satisfied clients. With the new office just steps away from story-high park, and a private roof deck, discussing business outdoors in pleasant weather is always an option.


Mr. Heiberger, founder of Town Residential says that brokers and clients alike will enjoy being able to meet outside, and that his firm will be the only one able to do so in such a convenient way. They certainly needed the new space now that boutique brokerage Thomas & Ingram will be joining Town and moving into the new office with them along with a smaller office that Town has been maintaining in the West Village. This move puts Town in an excellent position to take advantage of the fact that they will be located in the middle of some of the hottest residential property in Manhattan.


With a specialty in luxury real estate, Town’s brokers will certainly appreciate their new office surroundings and know how best to use them in impressing clients. Keeping up appearances may not be an important factor in some businesses, but the opposite is true for real estate brokers. The successful ones can generally be found in the best offices and know that a clients first impression is going to be a lasting one. Town Residential has been establishing new standards of excellence since the doors first opened, and they just raised the bar for others to follow a little higher.


Town’s methods are really quite simple, and obviously hugely successful. Brokers strive to come in first on sales, rentals, and new developments leaving all competition far behind. No matter if clients are buying, selling or have some new idea in mind, brokers at Town provide the same level of quality service to every deal. Clients know this before they ever walk in the door and are already confident they made the right choice in a real estate firm before the first word is spoken. With the drive, determination and solid business principles that stand behind Town watching what they do now should be interesting.



Town Residential