Brian Bonar – An Engineer Who Has Conquered the World of Business

He is the chairman and the chief executive officer of both Trucept Inc. and Dalrada Financial Corp.He has held top leadership positions at The Amanda Co. Inc, Allegiant Professional Business, and Smart-tek Automated Services Inc.

He obtained an undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde, after which he pursued a master’s degree and doctorate at Staffordshire University.

Brian Bonar has been in business for more than 30 years, whereby, apart from holding leadership positions, he has managed to create smart business decisions.

He has successfully guided many firms affiliated with him to substantial prosperity. One of the things that have propelled him to high levels of prosperity in the investment sector is his diverse background in business.

In 2010, Brian Bonar’s name was among the four names that were read out in the list of Cambridge’s Who’s Who Executive of the year in Finance. At that time, he was serving as the chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Considering that this award goes to only two female and two male members each year, it was a great honor for Brian Bonar.

The selection committee of the Who’s Who is usually responsible for choosing these special honorees based on elements such as professional accomplishments, leadership abilities, as well as academic achievements.

Based on his successful performance in the money markets, one would be mistaken to think that Bonar is a trained financial expert.

He trained as an engineer at the University of Strathclyde and Staffordshire University where he studied mechanical and technical engineering respectively. He also has a master’s degree in business administration.

His diverse educational background has always allowed him to accrue experience in many different areas which includes marketing strategy, innovative sales, lead generation and process improvement. Bonar also has skills in consolidating venture capital, development of new businesses, as well as mergers and acquisitions.

He started off his career as a procurement officer with IBM. His role entailed outsourcing motherboards for personal computers made and sold by the company. From IBM, he moved to QMS where he took up the role of the Director of Engineering.

He served as the manager of a team of hardware and software development engineers. As explained above, Bonar worked in several organizations before he ventured out as an entrepreneur.

Bellamy Restaurant

Brian Bonar made a name for himself, yet again, when he opened Bellamy Restaurant – one of his latest ventures. While conceptualizing this idea, Bonar pictured a restaurant that would offer a one of a kind and exotic dining experience capable of capturing the imagination of San Diego’s food lovers.

It is located in a region known as West Coast’s food capital, San Diego. The main street of the city has a reputation of holding charming restaurants which attract diners from all walks of life.

Bellamy Restaurant is increasingly becoming popular partly because of the renowned chef; Patrick Ponsaty has a hand in it. He also brought in Trevor Da Costa and Mike Reidy, both of whom are well known in the industry.


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