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Beneful is a dog food company that comprehends the significance of dog nutrition and aims to provide your dog with healthy and succulent meals and treats. Its primary objective is to meet your dog’s needs and transcend expectation by providing a balanced, nutritious diet with real meat and no added sugars. Beneful also offers a satisfaction guarantee to ensure your dog’s satiation. Some of their products include:

1. Beneful Dry food Incredibites- this delicacy is available as wet and dry foods, in chicken and beef flavor. This protein-rich food contains 100% nutrients that are crucial for the healthy and happy growth of your dog. The mix of tender mini bites provides for a succulent and crispy mini bites for small dogs. A yummy and healthy meal containing beef, tomato and wild rice, which provides the dog the flavor it desires.

2. Beneful Playful life- this great treat is a nourishment rich in protein with real beef and egg. It’s both healthy and sumptuous, also containing blueberries and spinach. The meal provides your dog with the bounce of life it deserves.

3. Healthy Smile Dental Twists- amazing dental treats that help support teeth and grow strong bones. It aids in diminishing plaque and tophus proliferation, at the same time revitalizes breath. This treat contains real parsley and should be given as a treat and not a meal.

4. Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals- sumptuous dog food with beef accentuated with carrots, spinach, and peas. This healthy and luscious meld of soft and crunchy bites is rich in antioxidants that provide your dog with a healthy life.

5. Beneful Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends- the food is an assortment of beef, peas, carrots, barley and peas that are finely diced and provides a piquant blend. It is served with sauce and brings a delicate taste and a beautiful texture; a must have meal for your dog. Your dog won’t get enough of it.

Beneful dog foods are the total indispensable package for the wellbeing of your dog. Your dog will long for more and more each time. Treat your dog to this fantastic hardy meal for the phenomenal growth of your dog.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer’s Business and Community Leadership

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known as “Duda” is a media entrepreneur from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Since the beginning of 2016, he’s been the CEO and chairman of the board of directors at RBS Group. The group is one of the leading media producers in Brazil and has a presence in the US also. He’s the third generation in this family operated business. Within the last few years, Duda also expanded into funding efforts in the digital sector. Founding e.Bricks, the new company has helped startups by providing over 300 million in financing for these promising businesses. Duda Melzer’s efforts have been rewarding, as his company is among Globo and Google in online rankings.

While Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer certainly is enjoying much success, it’s the result of much hard work. He graduated college with a business administration degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul when he was 26 years old. He then earned an MBA from Harvard University. Having worked not only for his family, he also worked in the finance sector and for a media company in NYC called Box Top. His leadership skills were realized early on as he’s always served in a managerial capacity. Duda Melzer’s business dealings don’t stop there; he also invests in a wine company known as the largest in Latin America, as well as a contemporary art show in Brazil.

According to Acaert, Melzer’s strong belief in the family enterprise has gotten him much recognition. He’s won many awards from outfits at large as Ernst and Young for entrepreneur of the year. He’s also recognized for his transparency in ethics and showing gratitude. His family-based charity has been around for over three decades and is prominent in Brazil. They post their projects and budgets online for inspection. Working alongside the government, they promote social awareness for issues affecting families with children and teens in Brazil. It’s with strong conviction that Duda and his family aren’t only benefiting themselves, but also the communities that support them.

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