Jason Hope’s Bold New Vision for the Internet

You may have seen the phrase “Internet of Things” emerging as a new trend in technology. At the forefront of this trend is writer and entrepreneur Jason Hope. He believes that the Internet of Things will change the way we think about and engage with the world.

Simply put, the Internet of Things posits that eventually all devices will be able to connect with each other on the same network. Instead of merely existing online, the Internet of Things puts technology into the real world through the things we engage with every day. It can even make life safer – for example, with improvements to public transportation maintenance as buses and trains get “smarter” and anticipate dangerous conditions. Jason Hope is confident that the Internet of Things will become even more common in the future. He suggests that because of this, companies large and small will eventually compete with each other for a larger share of the market.

Hope is a Renaissance man with a variety of interests and business ventures. His educational background has set him up for success. Hope graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in finance, and has an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. Armed with this financial and entrepreneurial know-how, Hope has the savvy to turn his ideas into reality.

Although based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Hope’s vision expands beyond local communities. A large part of his focus has recently become an emphasis on philanthropy, and the anti-aging work done by SENS specifically. Hope believes that this work is both preventative and curative because it concerns analyzing diseases and their causes, then stopping illness at its source.

He encourages others to explore their own philanthropic passions as well. To this end, Hope offers grants to high school and college students. These grants range from $500-5,000 as an angel investment to give deserving students the opportunity to found their own start ups and technical projects. All told, Jason Hope lives up to his last name: his work aims to create a more optimistic future for everyone.

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