Larkin and Lacey Promote New Opportunities for Everyone

Michael and Jim have always had a passion for helping people out who had their rights violated. This was something that the men worked hard on and something that they did a lot of the time so that they would be able to make things better for other people who were unable to fight for their own rights.

It was something that they had always been passionate about and something that they continue to be passionate about with the different opportunities that they have right now. They always wanted to do more to help people but, working as reporters in the past, was the best way that they could help people then.

The biggest problem that the men faced was the fact that they were arrested simply for reporting on the problems that they found in their local sheriff’s office. They knew that the sheriffs were doing things illegally and that they were violating the rights that people had.

They wanted to do something about it and decided that creating a report was the best way to fix things so that people would know what was going on and, hopefully, do more to combat the problems. The men were arrested by that same sheriff’s department and they had to begin fighting it.

Some of the issues that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin take on include the right to be able to have free speech and the right to make sure that they are as comfortable as possible in their own lives. Larkin and Lacey also do what they can to help immigrants. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

They want to make sure that people who want to come to the country have the means to do so and the resources that they need to be able to do it the right way no matter where they are coming from.

Once the men had gone through court and had made some big decisions with the fight that they were doing with the sheriff’s office, they won the case. They had to go through several avenues but the sheriff’s office had to pay the men a combined total of over three million dollars. With this sum, the men were able to set up the Frontera fund where they did everything that they could to help people who had their human rights violated in different instances that they were a part of.

Now, everyone has the ability to make sure that they are not going to have to deal with problems alone. Not only is the Frontera Fund able to help people with monetary contributions but they also have support options for people who have human rights violations issues.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin wanted to be sure that everyone would get what they needed out of these cases and that they would be able to make sure that things would work out for them in the best way possible depending on the problems that they were having with their own human rights and civil rights cases.

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