NuoDB, a one of a kind SQL Database company

NuoDB was founded in 2008 with the aim of providing its client with a flexible database. This Massachusetts Company assists its clients cope with the fast moving technological environment. Their SQL database technology used by large companies such as Kodiak, UAE Exchange, Alfa Systems, and Dassault Systemes. Their SQL database systems are designed to be deployed in the cloud.

NuoDB is categorized as a NewSQL database since it retains traditional SQL database characteristics as it also incorporates scale-out processing features to a cloud computing environment. Programs are able to communicate with NuoDB using SQL statements, the same way they do in a relational style database. The NuoDB SQL database is ACID compliant for the reliability of transactions.

NuoDB differs from other database architectures since it uses a three-tier structure with transactional, administrative, and storage tires. This means that NuoDB can function without having to close couple applications and its data on to a drive.

NuoDB is marketed by NuoDB Inc., a software vendor that also developed the system. The database’s lead architect was Jim Starkey. Jim is an industry veteran who specializes in the creation and support of database systems. He and Barry S. Morris are the company’s co-founders. Barry later became the CEO of the company. Jim retired from the company in 2012, he now serves as a strategic advisor to NuoDB.

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