Omar Yunes: Moving Mexican Franchise to Unfamiliar Territory

It is no myth that Omar Yunes is one of the best legends that Mexico will ever have. To a large extent, Omar Yunes has played a significant role in the success of franchises in the region placing Mexico on the global radar. Without faith, Omar Yunes’ life would be as good as dead, and without actions, Omar would only lead a pathetic and miserable life. Therefore, it has taken sheer will and power for Omar to be the kind of man he is today. As of now, Omar Yunes is renowned for being the Franchisee in the world, having scooped the first position at the Best Franchisee of the World Award carried out in 2015. Competing against like minded individuals like Ivan Tamer, Armando Acosta, Marin Sanchez, Rosalba Marquez, Claudia Lopez, Jose Santos, Teresita Sanchez, Jose Adame, and Jorge Valencia, Omar Yunes beat them hands down.

At the time of the competition, Omar Yunes was representing Sushi Itto, and he won based on his unmatched track record as a member of the franchise. Omar’s victory was an indirect recognition of his unparalleled leadership abilities while at Sushi Itto using strategies that in the long run helped the franchise benefit. Ever since Omar set foot in Sushi Itto, he helped grow the franchise to an unprecedented level. As of 2015, Omar owned 10% of the entire Sushi Itto franchise, making him the largest shareholder of the brand. To date, Omar Yunes has since acquired thirteen units affiliated to Sushi Itto. The thirteen subsidiary companies fall in locations like Veracruz, Mexico City, and Puebla.

In the first Best Franchisee of the World Competition ever, Omar Yunes of the Sushi Itto had the upper hand, showcasing to the world that Mexico is once again a dominant force particularly in the business arena. Thanks to Omar Yunes, Mexico is once again at the peak of the mountain overlooking countries like Brazil, Hungary, Italy, Argentina, Portugal, and France among twenty-seven other nations across the divide. It is without saying that Omar deserves his newly found position; a place arrived at through blood and sweat as well as sacrifice.

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