George Soros, financing the democratization of the world

George Soros is considered as one of the most philanthropic personalities across the globe. This is characterized by the fact that he has donated over $12 billion to organizations and individuals that fight inequality, unaccountable governments, as well as societies that do not promote equality, transparency, and equality so far.Among the groups that have benefited from his philanthropic work include groups that fight for the marginalized groups in the societies including drug users, LGBTI people, and sex workers. He has also funded groups that have supported individuals that face discrimination. Soros was inspired to support groups and individuals fighting intolerance because he has experienced it firsthand. When he was born in 1930 in Hungry, Soros lived when Nazi occupied hungry in 1944-5. The occupation resulted in more than 500, 000 Hungarian Jews being murdered and tortured.

To survive, Soros’ family had to secure false identity papers. Furthermore, they had to conceal their backgrounds to be safe. They also helped other Jewish families from being exterminated. It is this experience that motivated Soros to help others resist evil forces in their societies. According to Soros‘, it is possible to prevail against evil forces in the societies even when they are much stronger just as he and his family did.Currently, the laissez-faire capitalism, as well as the spread of the market values, democratic and open societies, have been endangered. In a free and democratic society, individuals are allowed to think and do as they will. Additionally, they can hold what they consider as the truth. Previously, the communist system was largely associated with the totalitarian ideologies where citizens were denied their rights. However, it has since collapsed in most cases, but open society is still not a universal concept. In states where totalitarian ideologies including Nazism and communism rein, people without the ultimate truth as defined by the rulers struggle to survive.

In totalitarian ideologies, there is only one ultimate truth which tends to be beyond humankind. It is this truth which leads some people to be oppressed. The leaders of totalitarian sometimes violently impose their vision and truth into others.However, in an open society, various people may have different interests and views. In such societies, there are several institutions which allow people to live in harmony. To this end, there are systems which ensure that the freedom of speech, freedom of choice, and rights of citizens are guaranteed. It is imperative to note in capitalist nations; some individuals live excessively. In such a society, there is too much competition, yet there is too little cooperation. This is a good breeding ground for instability and intolerable inequalities to exist. This is because personal interests override the interests of the whole community. It is these evils that George Soros has been fighting by supporting groups and individuals who work towards this end in their societies.

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