The Savior of the City – Boraie Development LLC

Boraie Development LLC is the angel New Jersey needed to see the city of New Brunswick rise from the ashes.

New Brunswick, New Jersey had become a dilapidated ghost town that was nearing extinction. Businesses were beginning to leave and they were taking the people with them. However, there was a visionary, the leader of Boraie Development LLC, who saw what the city could become. His name as Omar Boraie, and it took him four decades to save the city.

By using Boraie Development LLC, Omar knew he could save the city. His plan though, would require a multi-pronged approach and would take time to achieve. Boraie Development LLC would need to focus on building families, creating spaces for businesses to work, retain all the businesses that they currently had in the area, and lure professionals to New Brunswick. For more info check out Crunchbase.

The New Jersey stage tells of a wonderful way that Boraie Development LLC was able to begin establishing a family atmosphere in New Brunswick. Omar knew that second to time, money played a large factor in stopping families from spending quality time with one another. Because of this, Boraie Development LLC sponsored a program called “Free Summer Movie Series”. Boraie Development LLC made sure that Disney movies and family friendly movies could be seen for absolutely free. Visit State Theatre New Jersey for more.

After this, Boraie Development LLC began to focus on business office space. Omar knew people will not go to a place if there are no jobs available. According to, over the past 30 years, Boraie Development LLC has invested more than $150 million into real estate, a large portion of that for Class A office space for businesses. Many people doubted that this would work, but in no time at all, these office spaces were attracting businesses to the area. As the businesses came, so did the jobs.

The third thing Boraie Development LLC was to keep the prominent businesses there committed to the area. Omar Boraie would ally with none other than Johnson and Johnson, ensuring that New Brunswick had a steady supply of jobs.

The fourth and final thing Boraie Development LLC had to do was create residential space so that professionals like doctors, lawyers, teachers, and professors, had available housing that appealed to them. This they accomplished through a 17-story building known as Aspire.

Because of Boraie Development LLC’s work, New Brunswick, New Jersey, is now safe from future extinction.

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