The Career Successes That Logan Stout Has Attained

Over the course of his professional career, Logan Stout has played a number of roles. For several seasons he played baseball as a professional player. He also established The Dallas Patriots which is one of the biggest youth baseball organizations in the United States. This organization provides teams with coaches as well as helping them build the skills they need to succeed at the sport. Beyond that, they mentor children and help them reach their goals both in sports as well as academically and in other ways in their lives.

After he finished his baseball playing career, Logan Stout went on to be involved in the industry in other ways. He has been worked on baseball sports broadcasts as well as writing for sports publications. He was also interviewed by the Dallas Child Magazine where he discussed teaching young players how to play baseball which was provided a great deal of insight for youth baseball coaches.


In May of 2014, Logan Stout established IDLife, LLC. In order to found this company, he partnered with others including the longtime football player Troy Aikman as well as Jen Widerstorm who is a celebrity trainer. Also backing this venture was Darwin Deason who is a billionaire. IDILife is a health and wellness brand which supplies individualized nutritional products to its customers. The supplements take into account a wide variety of issues for each customer such as their age, diet, activity levels, prescriptions, and several other factors in order to provide them with a product which will improve their lives and longevity.

Logan Stout is also a published author with a book out titled, “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams”. The book was written by him so that he could help readers reach their full potential in their lives as well as careers. The people that have endorsed his book includes Daymond John who many people know from Shark Tank airing on ABC.

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