The Mission For End Citizens United

Established in March of 2015, End Citizens United is a political action committee funded by small donors to advocate for financial reform. End Citizens United main mission is to pass an amendment to reverse the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which resulted in a flood of unlimited supply of money into politics. To work towards its central mission statement, End Citizens United will work towards electing pro-reform candidates, making money issue known to the public, work to pass pro-reform laws, and use donors to explain the growing issue of underground money in politics. Donors for End Citizens United have been able to give over $2 million to the organization, and plan to continue donations for the group to stay on top of the goal amount.

End Citizens United caters to Democrats because they are the sole backbone for the fight against Citizens United and value better change for all of America. Democratic candidates looking to run for House and Senate positions across the United States are supported by End Citizens United, who has funded millions into their campaigns. While there are many Republicans that believe in the out of control political spending, Republican leaders in Congress block the way for overturning Supreme Court decision. End Citizens United support those who want reform for the financing within politics, those being Democrats fighting for a positive change. End Citizens United is made up of a team of veteran Democrats that aid in voicing their belief on the influence of money within politics. Great leaders committed to overturning Citizens United fight constantly to get unlimited supplies of money within politics to be put to an end and give Americans the power they were born to have.


With around 136, 000 donations and the support from those who stand by this cause, End Citizens United has been able to bring in an average of $14.86 in donations and successfully keep this cause going. Around 325,000 people signed the petition from End Citizens United to have Congress pass the amendment. Within a few months of being established, End Citizens United made it known that they endorsed 11 Democratic candidates. Today, End Citizens United has not stopped on achieving their mission statement and standing up for what they believe in.

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