George Soros Important Role in the Business World

Hedge funds are one of the fields that have been a success in the current business environment globally. However, you cannot mention hedge funds without some names popping up. George Soros is one of such names, and he has been one of the most successful pioneers of hedge funds’ investments. Born in Hungary, George fled the country and enrolled himself in the London School of Economics. He worked as a waiter and railway porter before venturing into finance in a merchant bank. He later migrated to New York and got a start on Wall Street where he was able to establish his hedge fund in the year 1969.

Moreover, George Soros is one of the world’s leading philanthropists; he has given over $12 billion up to now. His funding has provided support to lots of individuals and organizations across the globe in striving for their freedom of expression, transparency and societies that strive to fight for equality and accountability in governance. His funding has normally focused on mainly assisting people who have been discriminated for who they are. He has provided support to groups that represent Roma people in Europe, marginalized groups in the society such as sex workers and drug users. In the course of his life, Soros himself has experienced intolerance and read full article.

Having been born in Hungary, Soros lived through the Nazi rule, which resulted in the murder of over half a million Hungarian Jews. His family, which was Jewish, survived only through obtaining fake papers that concealed their backgrounds and also helped other families do the same. Soros says that instead of submitting to what looked like their fate then, they were able to defeat the evil forces and assisted others manage it too. As communists rose to power in Hungary, Soros left his hometown, Budapest, in the year 1947 and moved to London. He worked part-time during the day as a railway porter and at night as a waiter in a club to finance his studies at the London School of Economics. After a few years, he went to America to venture in investment and finance markets where he was to make a fortune present now and learn more about George Soros.

Soros employed his wealth to create the Open Society Foundation, a foundation with partners and projects in over 100 countries as at now. The organization runs on the basis of the belief that no ideology or philosophy can be taken to be the final truth; the society should be open to democracy, freedom of expression and has respect for human rights. This idea is borrowed from the philosophy of Karl Popper that Soros encountered while studying economics in London. Soros has continued to play a critical role in philanthropy by providing scholarships to numerous races across the globe and Follow him at

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