Julia Jackson: Picture Perfect

Julia JacksonJackson Family wines. Family owned vineyards since 1974. Led by Father Jess Jackson, Julia Jackson was inspired at a young age about hard labor and to appreciate what it took to become successful. Surrounded by wine and wine making her entire life, her passion for her families business flourished.Julia has a bachelors degree in the arts which she acquired at Scripps College. After college, she went to Stanford for a course in General Management. Upon graduation,Julia went to France. There she adapted to the French culture very quickly and learned the native language well enough to teach students French. While in France she made friends and connections that are part of her influence in crafting great wine to this day.The launch of the flagship brand Kendall-Jackson Vintage reserve Chardonnay made a debut in 1982. In 1995,LOKOYA, a collection of four distinct Cabernet Sauvignons made in the Napa valley mountain regions.

The name of the non-profit that she works with is:

The seeds of empowerment program

Julia JacksonIt was founded by the Cambria estates winery. It focuses on empowering Women who are hoping to benefit and change communities in need. Julia provides donation to those communities who are making positive changes. Julia Jackson is becoming a Hot topic in Hollywood! She has been spotted at celebrity parties and chatting it up celebrities such as Kiera Knightly, Lady Gaga and other A-List celebrities.Julia Jackson is not only a sharp business woman, but she is also beautiful and carries the Jackson Family vineyards to yet another successful decade of fine wines and passion.Julia Jackson is the new face of Jackson Family Wines. Picture perfect!

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