Eric Lefkofsky is Fighting Cancer Like No One Else

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the top entrepreneurs in the city of Chicago. He has successfully established and fully expanded over 10 major businesses. What makes Eric different from all other entrepreneurs is his love for technology. Eric Lefkofsky has created technology that is taking over the business world. In several of Eric’s businesses, the technology does the work. Eric’s goal is not to replace employees, but he wants to teach other entrepreneurs that they can run a business with minimal staff and a bulk of modern technology. Eric can attest that not only does a business run quicker when technology is in charge, but the business owner will save a ton of money, too.

Eric Lefkofsky is now using his successful technology approach to fight cancer. Over the last 30 months, Eric Lefkofsky has been deeply touched by cancer. Unfortunately, Eric was touched by cancer due to several of his friends and family members having it. Sadly, some of these individuals were not successful in their cancer fight.

Eric Lefkofsky spend months trying to think of a way technology could help doctors better assist cancer patients. Eric Lefkofsky decided to have several dozen fundraisers, and, at these fundraisers, he received several suggestions on how technology can help doctors assist cancer patients. Additionally, Eric raised almost 100 million dollars. After the last fundraiser, Eric Lefkofsky had his ideas down, and Tempus was formed.

Tempus is an organization that specializes in helping doctors treat cancer patients. This is done doctors reviewing a patients cells and symptoms against people who previously had cancer. This new technology has already helped over 10 million people get diagnosed with cancer before it began to spread. Medical professionals have examined the records of most of these patients, and these medical professionals are convinced that Tempus saved their lives.

Doctors across America can now access the Tempus software. The Tempus software comes with an easy installation guide, and doctors can use this software from the moment it is installed. Best of all, Tempus is designed to keep all medical records confidential. Doctors never have to worry about someone hacking into the software program.

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