Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a well known businessman as well as the CEO of an organization called Tempus. Eric Lefkofsky has been quite successful throughout his business career. At present, Eric Lefkofsky is said to be worth at least 1.5 billion dollars possibly more.

After graduating from law school over twenty years ago, Lefkofsky and a friend started an apparel company. The company was called Brandon Apparel. Brandon Apparel did have moderate success however after two years Eric Lefkofsky decided to explore other ambitions.

The second business venture that Eric Lefkofsky embarked upon was the creation of an Internet Company called “Starbelly”. Starbelly sold promotional type products to a variety of clients on a national level. Within two years Starbelly was purchased by Halo Industries. In late 2000, Eric Lefkofsky quickly became the CEO of Halo Industries. Halo Industries had moderate success however, Lefkofsky decided to continue to seek out other business opportunities.

Lefkofsky soon started another company called “Innerworkings”. Innerworkings provided unique print services to a variety of high end clients. Within less than three years Innerworkings was an ultimate success. The company was listed on the US Stock Market. In addition, Eric Lefkofsky accepted a position on the Board of Directors.

Eric Lefkofsky went on to create yet another organization called Echo Global Logistics. The organization experienced exceptional growth due to Lefkofsky’s expertise business approach. In addition, Echo Global Logistics was eventually listed on the NASDAQ.

By mid 2006, Eric Lefkofsky founded another company called MediaBank. MediaBank provides accounting, planning as well as analysis software to a variety of clientele on a national level. Within one year MediaBank merged with a company called Datatech. After completion of the merger, the company became one of the largest and most successful media planning organizations within the advertising industry.

Due to the rapid success of MediaBank it seemed that investors were anxious to invest in the company. New Enterprise Associates quickly became one of the major investors in MediaBank. In late 2012, an approved merger took place between MediaBank and Donovan Data Systems. By the time the merger deal was complete the company changed its name to Mediaocean.

LightBank was another organization which was founded by Eric Lefkofsky. The company also turned out to be quite successful. Therefore, in early 2011 Eric Lefkofsky made a public announcement that Light Bank would be expanding throughout the Chicago Illinois area. It seems Eric Lefkofsky makes a success out of just about any business venture he embarks upon. Lefkofsky attributes his success to hard work, ambition and a great deal of luck.

Eric Lefkofsky attended University of Michigan and graduated with an Bachelor of Arts Degree. In addition, Lefkofsky also attended University of Michigan Law School. Eric Lefkofsky graduated from law school with top honors.

Eric Lefkofsky has participated in various business deals with organizations such as Google. He has provided funding for various start up companies and he continues to pursue any opportunity in which he feels has the potential for success.

Lefkofsky is quite generous and he believes in giving back to the less fortunate. Eric Lefkofsky has been featured numerous times on Bloomberg and CNBC. His business success has been well documented.

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