Daniel Taub – Best Israeli diplomat to the United Kingdom

The office of the ambassador of Israeli to the United Kingdom has never been better as when it was in the hands of Daniel Taub. Daniel Taub was a dedicated diplomat who had been appointed by the government of Israeli in 2011 to serve for a tenure of four years.

In the four years that he had, he left a mark in the hearts and minds of the Jewish community that lives in the United Kingdom. Taub made his priority in the country to be the welfare of his country. He was dedicated to, making

Israeli a better country in his position as a diplomat.

His first big achievement as an envoy is that he contributed to the attainment of better trading environment between Israel and the United Kingdom.

In just four years, he had been able to negotiate for better trade agreements on behalf of his country by the time he was leaving; the embassy released a report showing that Israeli had managed to double its trade deals with the United Kingdom during his tenure.

According to British Secretary of innovation, business, and skills, the trade deals between the two countries was standing at about $7 billion in a year. This was a huge improvement from where the trade was before Daniel Taub took over. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Apart from the benefits that were realized through better trade agreements between the two countries, there are other areas that also benefited from his tenure. The academic and research sector, cultural interactions, and business sector are areas that got a major boost in the business sector, over 3000 businesses were opened by the Jewish community in the country.

Daniel Taub was a darling of the Jewish community in the country since he always exhibited the willingness to address their welfare.

When the M.P of Bradford declared the area an Israeli- free zone, Daniel Taub ensured that he visited the areas. The ban had the effect that no Jew or Israeli goods that would be allowed into the region. In defiance, Daniel Taub visited the place, saying that, he was visiting at the invitation of the people of Bradford.

Daniel Taub has been an advocate for peace in the Middle East gofer a very long time. When there was peace negotiation between Israeli and Palestine, he was appointed to lead the Israeli delegation.

Together with the Palestine counterpart, they visited Ireland to see how the region had managed to end their many years of conflict. Daniel Taub is an accomplished international lawyer majoring in peace resolution and negotiations.

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