Fabletics- Use of power of the a crowd

According to markets experts, the consumer purchasing power is usually influenced by the power of the crowd. Before people buy any product today, they will first look at the reviews from other consumers who have bought or used a particular product. After going through the reviews, that is when they determine whether to go for the product or not. It is common for the consumers to go for what is appealing to the larger section of the public. The power of the crowd comes into play pout in a better way when the reviews are made by people they know. Most savvy brands are now shifting their marketing strategies to adopt an approach that fits this new behavior by the consumers.



In the modern world, one of the brands that have adopted this approach is the Fabletics. Fabletics is a company that was founded in 2013. It is a brand that was created with the intention of creating a powerful athleisure brand intended to be inclusive and empowering. This is a brand that can be afforded by any woman interested. The aim is for women to adopt a new lifestyle where they can put on an athleisure brand that looks good on them and that is comfortable to wear.



Since its inception in 2013, Fabletics have been able to clock over $225 million in revenues. Overall, it has over one million consumers who have contributed towards achieving this target. Shawn Gold one of the executive members of the Fabletics brand says that much of the success that this brand has received has been through the use of a user review approach. This is a strategy that have allowed the brand to draw a huge following with a very high customer retention. Consumers’ reviews has the capability of influencing the way people view a brand. Fabletics athleisure is one brand that has benefited from this marketing approach.



In the current digital world, consumers’ reviews can be accessed from online platforms. Many consumers are digital and have access to websites that sell products. Nowadays, before a person buys a product from a particular firm, one will first read the online reviews regarding the form and the product they would like to buy. According to a research by Bright Local about 84% of the consumers believe the online reviews. This is is especially when the reviews they read have been done by a person they know and is a reputable name.



The online user reviews campaign for Fabletics brand have been spearheaded by Kate Hudson. She has made it a priority to ensure that there is clear communication regarding the brand. Fabletics have also ensured that they are appealing to their customers by having an upgraded customer service department and a new data system that keeps consumers updated on the investor of the brand. The approach of putting consumers first and having quality brands have enabled the brand to grow very first. Kate Hudson has ensured that the brand stays at the top by ensuring that consumers take on quizzes regarding the Fabletics brand. The intention is to have the brand improve on its products by learning what the consumer wants.

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