Multivariate Testing – The Smart Online Marketer’s Secret to Increasing Conversion Rates

The internet is full of opportunities for marketers, but it is also full of competitors. As such, it is paramount that your website ranks among the best or else it will largely go unheard. One of the latest trends of improving websites’ performance is multivariate testing.

What is Multivariate Testing?

Multivariate testing is a test that assesses different variables of a website and determines the ideal combinations. It is essentially an improved version of A/B testing.

For instance, consider a website page with three variations of headings, two call-to-action buttons with varying colors, and several images to go with the content. People visiting this website will click on the variables that appeal the most to them. A multivariate testing program will track all the visitors’ actions and determine which variables they like best. Additionally, it will determine which variables fit in ideally together and suggest the ideal combination.

Why Multivariate Testing?

Multivariate testing is not a new concept. However, it can be considered an improvement of other testing concepts such as A/B testing. This is because it overcomes some of the limitations associated with the latter. Some of the reasons why smart online marketers are adopting multivariate testing include:

  1. It is faster.

To give you an idea of how fast multivariate testing is, it can test data by up to 100 times faster compared to A/B testing. As such, it reduces the time taken to make decisions, thus keeping you in the forefront of the competition as the internet is very dynamic.

  1. It is more accurate.

One or two variables don’t cut it when it comes to pleasing potential customers on the internet. Considering that multivariate testing can assess multiple variables – unlike A/B testing which assesses only two variable at a time – then, the results are more refined and accurate.

  1. It increases conversion rates

The goal of every online marketer is to sell as much as possible. Multivariate testing improves a website’s appeal to visitors, thus prompting most of them to buy and many more to come back again and again. This translates to increased conversion rates and, consequently, increased revenues.

Switch to Multivariate Testing

Whichever techniques you are currently using to gauge and improve your website’s performance, they are incomplete without multivariate testing. As such, work with reputable multivariate testing programs from Sentient AI and harness the numerous opportunities available online. Sentient AI is one of the leading AI platforms aiding e-commerce websites all over the world to rise above the competition.

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