Understanding And Maintaining Osteoarthritis With Osteo Relief Institute

Every Osteo Relief Institute has board certified physicians as well as board certified physical therapists who work together to achieve the best treatment plan for each patient. Our goal is to offer our patients the best non-surgical relief options available. Visit Health Grades to know more about Osteo Relief Institute.

Planning Treatment For Patients

At Osteo Relief Institute we help our patients find better ways to manage and live with osteoarthritis. Often, we recommend a four-step process that includes many lifestyle changes once the disease sets in. Managing the disease to live life to the fullest often includes some important areas for change such as:

Exercise And Diet

  • Diet And Exercise
  • Occupational changes
  • Medical Treatment
  • Support

For people suffering with Osteoarthritis, exercise and diet can play critical roles in managing the disease. Maintaining a level of exercise is important to ensure that joints and bones do not become stiff. Additionally, exercise as well as diet helps maintain a healthy weight. This is vitally important because excessive weight puts added strain on bones which can inflame osteoarthritis. Using the assistance of a physiotherapist can also be especially helpful in helping sufferers learn helpful stretches and exercises that can relieve pain and strengthen muscles surrounding the affected bones.

Positive dietary changes for people who suffer from osteoarthritis includes adding more fruits and vegetables to daily food intake and reducing processed foods from the diet. Additionally, diets high in refined carbohydrates and fats can be culprits in increasing weight and should be eaten in moderation. Read more about Osteo Relief Institute at bbb.org.


People with severe osteoarthritis often find that they are unable to perform the work they have been doing previously. On occasion, there are techniques that can be used to help patients learn to perform their work duties with less stress on the area affected by osteoarthritis.

If simple adjustments are insufficient to deal with the Difficulty with doing their previous work, patients may need to consider finding a new type of work that does not cause as much difficulty. These issues can and should be explored on a case by case basis once a more permanent diagnosis is made and a plateau of the person’s health condition is reached.

Medical Care

Depending on how severe the patience case of osteoarthritis is they may be put on medication or other forms of long term treatments. Acupuncture has been shown to offer patients relief as well. Because osteoarthritis is a chronic condition, keeping up with regular doctor visits is important to help manage the long-term aspects of the disease.


As with any patient that suffers with a chronic disease having the proper support network is critical to maintaining health. This support system usually is comprised of family, friends and sometimes support groups and are considered important aspects of long term care.

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